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Trap Dust in Every Area


Unger's variety of dusting tools make quick work of even the highest access jobs. Find dusting tools of every material from microfiber to lambswool. Our innovative StarDuster line offers purpose-built ceiling fan and pipe brushes. The wide selection of adapters, clips, and cones allows you to customize the right tool for the job. With the use of Unger dusters, dirt and grime don't stand a chance!

CobWeb Duster Brush
Unger offers a duster for every cleaning job. Use our StarDuster ProFlat for overhead and around corners, while the StarDuster ProFlex bends and retains shape so you'll never leave a dusty corner. Find dusters of every variety, from ostrich feathers to lambswool and heavy duty microfiber. The High Access dusting kit is perfect for out-of-reach areas and our wall brush works well on rough surfaces. Unger's dusters get the job done faster and better!
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HiFlo™ nLite® Locking Cone Adapter
Unger offers a wide variety of adapters and locking cones to put the finishing touch on your cleaning supply system. Our adapters allow squeegees and washers to attach quickly and adjust to clean at any angle up to 300ø. Locking cones and adjustable clamps keep tools secure on handles and telescopic poles. Our professional quality tool adapters ensure that you'll be working with the right tool for the job every time.
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