Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit- Deluxe 10′

The SRKT8 is the newest kit in the innovative line of Stingray indoor window cleaning tools, which clean 25% faster with 39% less chemicals than traditional cleaning methods! This deluxe kit features our best selling 10′ Stingray system, additional pouches of glass cleaner, and the new deep cleaning microfiber pad all in a convenient carrying bag.

  • Superior Cleaning Power – Lint free, easy glide microfiber collects dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt.
  • Minimized Airborne Chemicals – Pad design incorporates protective cut-out for precise liquid application reducing the chance of inhaling chemicals.
  • Push Button Simplicity – Effortlessly apply glass cleaner at the push of a button at any height.
  • Cleans and Protects – Scotchgard™ Protection makes glass easier to clean over time.
Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit Deluxe 10'
Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit Deluxe 10'


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Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit Deluxe 10'
SRKT8 401794200987 10'/3 m Black 1
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      10'/3 m
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Kit Includes:

Part # UPC # Product
SREPL Stingray Extension Poles (2)
SREPS Stingray Extension Poles
SRPD1 Stingray Glass Cleaning Pads (2)
SRL02 Stingray Glass Cleaning Liquid (6)
SRBAG Stingray Carrying Bag
SRPD2 Stingray Deep Cleaning Pads