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Struggling with restroom cleaning?

Create a new condition for success.

If you’re struggling to clean restrooms effectively you may need to create a new condition for success. Traditional restroom cleaning typically includes an ineffective strategy of either too many or too few tools, chemicals and equipment.

Providing a string mop, a roll of paper towels and spray bottle of glass cleaner is not enough for a cleaning worker to do a sufficient cleaning job. Even worse, many carts evolve over time to include an assortment of off the shelf products which were added as they were needed, creating a safety hazard to the cleaning worker that is required to have proper SDS onsite.

Overloading restroom cleaning carts is ineffective as well. Tools, equipment and chemicals not designed for restrooms create levels of unnecessary complexity and cost to daily procedures.

Do either of these scenarios sound familiar? You’re not alone. Many organizations are in search of a better way that creates a condition for bathroom cleaning success.

The answer is specificity. Specificity allows the cleaning worker to utilize a precise set of tools and equipment that are connected to a very precise list of tasks and materials that are easy to understand and implement. A hodgepodge cart full of misc. materials is efficient, costly, and unsanitary. Utilizing task-designed tools in a color-coded system simplifies and enhances the cleaning process, allowing the cleaner to properly and effectively sanitize the area.

Implementing the appropriate right tools, equipment, and cleaning chemicals positions your cleaner, and your facility, for success.

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