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It might seem like there’s not much to a clean campus or educational facility beyond the reduced risk of illness and looking its best for attracting and retaining students and staff. While these benefits are certainly a priority to educational facilities, nothing could be further from the truth.

A clean educational facility gives students and staff alike a deep sense of pride in their surroundings, and a clear mind to pursue the day’s demands. It also diminishes clutter and contamination, greatly reducing the risk of illness and injury to anyone working or living within your facility.

And the cleaning equipment you use to clean with matters every bit as much as the final result. The cleaning supplies market is saturated with products that contain toxins, pose physical risks to janitorial staff and carry many other hazards that can jeopardize the quality of the facility and those that live and work within it. With OSHA tightening its restrictions yet again in 2018, now is the opportune time to reevaluate the effectiveness of your cleaning systems, products and staff.

Unger is here to support your efforts in making the cleaning experience more effective, faster and safer at your educational facility through innovative, quality tools that make the most of your budget and help you deliver the highest standard of clean.


Perhaps more than any other factor in their day, the cleanliness of your classrooms has a massive continual impact on your students and staff. But with hundreds and sometimes thousands of students streaming in and out of classrooms through the day, consistent cleanliness can be a tall order.

The use of microfiber itself conserves water, reduces the use of disposable products and requires fewer harsh chemicals, lessoning the overall environmental impact of cleaning. Combine those benefits with Unger’s state of the art MicroWipe™ microfiber cloths that are 30 times finer than cotton, and you have a cleaning cloth with a significant advantage over other options.

Unger’s microfiber cloths instantly cleanse desks and surfaces of germs, soil particles, and other contagions that traditional materials would leave intact. Our microfiber cloths also include a SmartColor color coding cleaning system which allows you to use a different color for each area on campus so you can strengthen your efforts in eliminating cross-contamination hazards.

Quickly and effectively cleaning every single window in your classrooms can pose quite a challenge as well (not to mention a health risk, depending on the chemicals you’re using). Unger’s patented Stingray window cleaner cuts cleaning time by 25% and chemical use by a full 39%, ensuring more efficient janitorial staff and a healthier classroom environment.

And with the Stingray’s extendable pole, your cleaning staff won’t have to waste time moving chairs and desks to access classroom windows or position ladders and lifts to get the job done. Not only do they save significant time in executing the job, with their feet planted firmly on the ground they maintain a higher level of safety. If your windows aren’t at a height that require a telescoping pole, Unger also offers hand-held models that deliver the same results.

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Dirty restrooms constitute the most frequent complaint among users of any facility. Now consider that fact in light of how many people frequent educational facilities and you’ll have a rough idea of exactly how important clean campus restrooms are.

Unger’s Restroom Rx is a cutting edge janitorial cleaning cart that offers multiple layers of value to your cleaning staff. Our patented clip system guarantees that all equipment is securely fastened to the cart and easily within reach. With cleaning staff able to comfortably and conveniently access their tools, they can eliminate any physical discomfort and quickly move on to the job at hand.

An additional time-saving feature of the Restroom Rx is its storage module that drastically limits, or even eliminates, unnecessary trips back and forth to the supply closet for restocking. The complementary Narrow Tool Tower feature ensures that all tools and equipment remain inside the width of the cart, guaranteeing convenience for cleaning staff and safety for passersby.


A campus’s auditorium is traditionally one of its riskiest and most time-consuming areas to clean, with high access windows and large volumes of floor space. The high windows in auditoriums also pose a workplace hazard for cleaners and make it more difficult for facility managers to carry out job training and prevent rapid employee turnover.

Winner of the ISSA award for the most innovative indoor window/glass cleaner, the Unger’s Stingray glass cleaning kits are an incredibly efficient (and safe) solution to this issue. Our extension poles are lightweight and ergonomically built, allowing your staff not only to reach the highest windows with ease, but clean them with speed and accuracy. The Stingray is so intuitive in its design and easy to use that you’ll never have to think about outsourcing your campus window cleaning needs.

On the ground level, Unger’s line of microfiber mops ensures a swift, superior clean the first time through, easily dispatching those hard-to-deal-with spots and messes. Your auditorium is a significant source of pride and community for students and staff. We’ll help you keep it spotless and our color-coded microfiber mop heads will help you limit the risk of cross-contamination between other areas of your facility.


Next to restrooms, nothing on campus poses a larger health threat to students than a dirty cafeteria. Risks of cross-contamination from every area in the school (and from the previous day’s food) make an impeccable cafeteria an absolute necessity, not a luxury, when upholding the health standards and reputation of your facility.

Category Solution Floor Surface 1Unger’s color-coded line of microfiber cloths and ergonomically-designed Sprayer on a Belt not only lets your staff clean cafeteria surfaces in a fraction of the time, but also leaves them free of debris while lowering bacteria levels by over 96%. Under those surfaces, our dual bucket floor washing system leaves cafeteria floors cleaner and safer by isolating dirt and maximizing usage of the cleaning solution. The end result is a highly efficient cleaning process that makes a significant impact on cross contamination prevention efforts.
As you might expect, students leaving behind trash and other items is one of the major complaints of campus cleaning staff relative to cafeterias. Our NiftyNabber® Pro trash picker allows your staff to pick up and dispose of trash in a fraction of the time without making personal contact. Its equal emphasis on lightweight construction and heavy-duty grabbing ability make it the ideal answer for k-12 and campus cafeterias alike.

Food service cleaning tools include our high heat grill squeegees and double-sided scrapers for maintaining pristine cooking surfaces. Complemented by our extendable poles, kitchen staff can hand clean kitchen hoods and perform high access cleaning to insure the kitchen adheres to the highest cleaning and safety standards. For clearing debris on loading docks and kitchen work areas, serious cleaning crews turn to the AquaDozer Max, a heavy duty professional floor squeegee, that’s unequalled in its ability to conquer the task at hand.

Athletic Facilities

Your campus’s athletic facilities play a major role in student and staff spirit, and play an integral role in drawing the interest of prospective students and their families. To project the best possible impression, you need to present the cleanest possible athletic facilities.

Accumulated dust on high light fixtures and ledges is a major problem in campus athletic facilities. Beyond being an eyesore, it can even constitute a clean air issue if left neglected for long enough. We offer a full variety of dusting materials (from microfiber to lamb’s wool), all of which are attachable to our HiFlo™ nLite extension poles for a swift, safe cleaning experience.

High indoor windows in athletic facilities are another extremely common complaint from campus cleaners. The Stingray glass cleaning tool is designed with ultimate ease of use in mind, allowing even the newest janitorial recruit to perform like a cleaning industry veteran. The Stingray also uses 39% less chemicals than traditional cleaners, guaranteeing you the cleanest air possible, which is especially important in a space so densely packed. With the cleaning solution activated directly from the Stingray’s handle, you can also eliminate over spray so that the chemicals that are used do not become airborne.

Outdoor Cleaning

A pristinely beautiful, litter-free exterior is just as vital to your reputation and the safety of your students and staff as the interior. And like the interior, the face of your campus  has the ability to communicate a deep sense of pride to prospective students and their families.

Unger’s NiftyNabber Pro trash picker lets your janitorial staff  retrieveCategory Product Poles Waterfed 2 even the hardest to reach pieces with ease, in a fraction of the time. The NiftyNabber Pro completely eliminates contact between trash and your cleaning crew, promoting a cleaner personal experience, a happier maintenance crew, and minimizing the potential of staff hours lost to illness.

Outdoor high access windows constitute the single most dangerous task for cleaning crews. Our HiFlo nLite water fed extension poles are lightweight and flexible, providing a perfect clean up to 5 stories high. Their extreme ease of use means you can eliminate outsourcing window cleaning while passing new 2018 OSHA requirements on ladder and lift safety. Moreover, the HydroPower pure water cleaning system deionizes your local water source for spotless, one step outdoor window washing that is eco-friendly and chemical free.

Snow removal is one of the most taxing and time sensitive aspects of outdoor maintenance on campuses. Unger’s AquaDozer® heavy duty squeegee moves 2 times as much as the competition for the same effort. Featuring an industrial scraper and a reinforced handle socket, the AquaDozer’s ultra-dependable strength is ideal for everything from hard-packed snow and slush, to flood cleanup, construction debris, asphalt and concrete floors. The AquaDozer is the perfect way to keep your students and staff safe during and after inclement weather, while maximizing worker productivity and efficiency.

The Unger Difference

Unger goes beyond the obvious, innovating to bring your campus the cutting edge in commercial cleaning solutions. Whether it’s our avid insistence on avoiding contamination with our color-coded systems, or our award-winning window cleaning equipment, Unger brings you a swift, safe and green way of cleaning.

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