OmniClean RRx Spot Mopping Kit

Unger OmniClean | Winner 2020 ISSA Innovation AwardThis all-in-one professional bathroom cleaning system combines our RestroomRX and OmniClean Spot Kit to support all your restroom cleaning needs. The OmniClean RRx Spot Mopping Kit sets a new standard in floor cleaning.

  • Enhanced Accessibility
  • Tool Organization
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Increased Storage
  • Convenient Spot Cleaning System

OmniClean is the only professional bathroom cleaning and bucket system clinically proven to leave floors 13x cleaner than traditional methods. Unger’s SmartColor™ cleaning technology helps keep cross contamination risks to a minimum by separating tools with a color-coded system into their correct areas of use or cleaning task, reducing bacteria and cross-contamination between high and low-risk areas.

Stop cleaning with dirty solution. OmniClean features a dual bathroom microfiber mop and bucket to separate clean and dirty solution, ensuring the StayClean charge bucket always stays clean so you always mop with clean solution. Additionally, the OmniClean bathroom microfiber mop leverages cleaning technology that is proven to reduce surface debris and lower bacteria levels by 96% prior to disinfection. A unique wringer agitates the remaining debris off the mop pad and leaves you with a clean mop.
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Kit Includes:

Part # UPC # Product Capacity Size
RRCRT RestroomRx Cleaning Cart
SB20G SmartColor™ Swivel Brush
CB20G SmartColor™ Swivel Corner Brush
NCANR ErgoTec® Locking Cones (2)
WH180 Easy Adapter Hose
LWDUR StarDuster® Pro Lambswool Duster 30"-60"/70-150cm
EP18R Ergo TelePoles 6'/1.8m
CLSPK Unger OmniClean Spot Kit
EFPL1 Unger Excella™ Offset Pole with Actuator 45"-65"
EFBTL Unger Excella™ Bottle (2) 1L
CLMPH OmniClean Mop Pad Holder 16"
CLMFP OmniClean Microfiber Pads (5) 16"
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