Stingray Indoor Window Cleaning Kit – 5′ Quick Start Deluxe

The Stingray indoor window cleaning tool is lightweight and easy to use, putting less strain on users and resulting in faster, more efficient window cleaning

  • Superior Window Cleaning Power – Lint free, easy glide microfiber collects dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt.
  • Minimized Airborne Chemicals – Pad design incorporates protective cut-out for precise liquid application reducing the chance of inhaling chemicals.
  • Push Button Simplicity – Effortlessly apply glass cleaner at the push of a button at any height.
  • Cleans and Protects – Scotchgard™ Protection makes glass easier to clean over time.
  • Quick and easy cleaning of hard to reach areas
  • Clean Windows in one simple step –no squeegee required
Stingray Quick Start 5' Kit
  • Stingray Quick Start 5' Kit
  • Stingray Kit Contents


Part # Color Material Case Qty.
Stingray Quick Start 5' Kit
SRKT9 Black Aluminum 1
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Kit Includes:

Part # Color Product
SREPL Stingray Extension Poles
SRPD2 Stingray Glass Washing Pads (2)
SRL02 Stingray Professional Glass Cleaner (10)
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