Omni Clean ROI Calculator

OmniClean is the breakthrough in floor cleaning we’ve been waiting for.

According to independent studies, the Unger OmniClean excels vs. the competition in dirt removal, bacteria removal. cleaning time and drying time!

Click here for Studies (LINK NEEDED)

Kentucky Mop OmniClean Advantage
Percentage Dirt Removed from Floor 74% 93% OmniClean
Percentage Bacteria Removed from Floor 23% 50% OmniClean
Clarity of Water PIC TO COME PIC TO COME OmniClean
Sq Ft/Hour Cleaned (12 Oz Mop) 6,000 10,500 OmniClean
Time to Dry 10,000 sq ft 2.5 minutes 1.2 Minutes OmniClean
Winner OmniClean

See for yourself below how fast OmniClean can be!

  • Inputs
1 Day Cleaning Time Calculator Kentucky Mop OmniClean Var Hours Saved
Total Hours Saved Per Day
Total Labor Hours Saved and Reallocatable
Per Day
Per Month
Per Year
Total Labor COST Saved and Reallocatable
Per Year
Number of Extra Hours Dry Floors can be walked on safely
Per Year
OmniClean Dual Bucket starts at $399

Variables needed for Calculator

Soil Level/turbidity Kentucky Mop OmniClean
Time to Mop (UG) (seconds) Static
Time to Dry (UG) (seconds) Static
Kentucky Mop OmniClean
sq ft per charge Static
seconds per cycle Static
cleaning sq ft/min Calculation
# minutes/cycle Calculation
drying sq ft/min Calculation


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