Unger's OmniClean Floor Cleaning System

Introducing Unger OmniClean

With unparalleled cleaning performance, Unger OmniClean is a breakthrough innovation in commercial floor cleaning. Featuring dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty water, the StayClean bucket is always clean. You’ll never clean with dirty water again.

Clean floors with water 13x cleaner and remove 93% of soil with the OmniClean Floor Cleaning System.


How Does Unger OmniClean Work?

Traditional mopping systems typically rely on a single-chamber bucket and a wringer that doesn’t remove dirt. The result is a cotton string mop that spreads dirty water and utilizes a chemical that is less effective after the first wring. Compare this to the Unger OmniClean that features a:

  • Dual Bucket that separates clean and dirty water;
  • StayClean Bucket that contains a constant supply of fresh cleaning solution;
  • Soil-Catching Bucket that catches debris and dirt particles;
  • Washboard that agitates debris off the mop pad;
  • Wringer that removes remaining debris from the microfiber mop pad so you never clean with a dirty mop;

Unger Omniclean is clinically proven to remove more bio-residue from floor surfaces than conventional single-chamber buckets and string mops!

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Never Mop with Dirty Water Again with Unger OmniClean




Never Clean with Dirty Water Again

For building service contractors, janitorial services, housekeeping organizations and school superintendents, having the latest floor cleaning equipment makes the cleaning experience more efficient and safer. But the Unger OmniClean delivers even more. By leaving your floors cleaner, you're creating a healthier environment and enhancing your reputation with both clients and staff.

Unger OmniClean

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