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Industrial Tool Handles for Your Every Cleaning Need

Unger’s commercial cleaning tools are expertly crafted for efficiency, ease and quality. Just like the tools you select for the job, choosing the right cleaning tool handle is equally important. As always, you can count on Unger to deliver the fitting accessory for all your commercial cleaning tools.

Browse the wide selection of tool handles that fits your cleaning tool. From simple knock-down poles for easy assembly to robust aluminum handles, there is no job too difficult for Unger cleaning tool handles. Get the most out of your mops and flooring accessories by pairing them with the highest quality handles available on the market. We design Unger cleaning tool handles to be ergonomic and user-friendly and will quickly become an asset in your commercial cleaning efforts.

The Ergonomics of Cleaning

Unger understands that the safety of your custodians is of utmost importance. This is why all of our cleaning handles are designed for comfort and easy usability. Unger’s line of tool handles boasts a cushioned and non-slip design so that cleaning staff can use them for long periods of time without strain.

Using tools with an uncomfortable grip or handle can lead to long-term stress in the hand over time. With ergonomically designed tools, workers can complete cleaning tasks with a reduced chance of stress injuries from repetitive use, which is a major concern in the cleaning industry. Repetitive movements and awkward grips can cause more than just minor discomfort, it can lead to a repetitive strain injury (RSI) that is developed gradually but can lead to chronic injuries.

From Broom Handle to Mop Handle, We've Got You Covered

Not only lightweight and ergonomic, but Unger’s line of products also offers a pole with a color-coded cone and grip for bathroom use. When matched with Unger's SmartColor™ floor scrub brushes and microfiber mops, the SmartColor TelePole offers a simple solution for a variety of floor cleaning tasks. Made from lightweight aluminum, this telescopic pole comfortably extends from 4’/1.3 m to 8’/2.50 m, 21 mm diameter.

Unger’s selection of Ergo Poles are lightweight, featuring an anodized extruded aluminum handle with a cone adapter for attaching other Unger cleaning tools. The Mop Handle 140 KD can be effortlessly disassembled for shipping convenience and ease of storage. This lightweight aluminum mop handle will make even the highest access cleaning jobs a breeze. The Pro Aluminum Acme Handle is a heavy-duty cleaning handle featuring a threaded zinc alloy tip. Used specifically for sanitary squeegees and other products with ACME universal sockets, this aluminum handle will become a staple in your cleaning operations.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial cleaning efforts, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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