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Picking, Reaching, Bagging

Heavy Duty Grabber Pick Up Tools

Unger’s line of trash pick up tools and accessories are exactly what your custodians need to keep facilities litter-free. Heavy duty grabber pick up tools and long handle picker pins allow workers to collect debris without bending over, relieving physical strain while cleaning. Neoprene gloves with textured palms ensure a non-slip grip, and bagger with drainage holes allow easy cleaning and compact shipping. These high-quality litter removal tools will keep your grounds-cleaning jobs productive and safe.

Efficiently & Comfortably Clean Your Facility with the NiftyGrabber

Using traditional litter removal tools, keeping your facility tidy was once a back breaking process that required extensive lifting and bending for long periods of time. Unger creates ergonomically designed commercial cleaning tools with your worker's top of mind. The NiftyNabber Trigger Grip features a lightweight aluminum pole that is designed to decrease fatigue and make waist-high and overhead use easier than ever. This heavy duty grabber pick up tool comes equipped with a magnetic tip that allows users to pick up even the smallest debris, up to .25 lbs. The 360-degree rotating head allows easy overhead access to even the hardest-to-reach areas.

Easy to Use Professional Heavy duty grabber pick up tool

Creating a positive first impression for your customers is critical. Ensure your facility’s grounds are meticulously cleaned with Unger’s NiftyNabber Pro, the easy-to-use heavy duty grabber pick up tool that is strong enough for heavy-duty work but light enough to protect your workers from back and arm strain. The NiftyNabber pole is made from highly durable steel for long-lasting, dependable use for years to come.

Bag your Debris in the NiftyNabber Bagger

Unger’s suite of professional litter removal tools comes complete with the NiftyNabber Bagger. With a 40-gallon capacity, this bagger is designed to reliably hold a large collection of debris. Featuring bottom drainage holes, it is also easily able to be rinsed out after use. The NiftyNabber Bagger’s sturdy web handles and rugged bottom allow for easy dragging over the pavement.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your professional litter removal operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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