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Cleaning Carts

Smart Equipment, Tools & Janitor Carts for Commercial Cleaning

Unger's professional cleaning carts support all your cleaning needs for commercial cleaning facilities, from restroom cleaning to floors and windows. These commercial cleaning carts are purpose-designed to meet custodians' needs for daily and project cleaning. Enable your custodial team to clean faster and more productively with an ergonomic, efficiently designed janitorial cart.

Janitor Carts Built for Faster, Safer Cleaning

Unger offers a wide selection of cleaning carts that help your custodians finish the job quicker and safer than ever before. From the Dual Bucket System to the Telescopic Dustpan, the tools that make up the cleaning cart system are developed to achieve optimal productivity and professional cleaning results. Unger’s patented Drip Tray keeps tools from dripping water on to the floor, and delivers ultimate bucket stability, even when going over curbs or thresholds. Unger’s line of Rx Carts dramatically improves the quality of clean, worker safety and productivity. This janitor cart is easy to maneuver, features large storage possibilities and a smart design for organization.

Janitorial Equipment for Your Every Need

The type of janitorial equipment you use during your cleaning processes matters. Help custodians get work done more efficiently with our large variety of professional janitorial equipment for cleaning. From the MicroWipe Heavy Duty cleaning cloths that lower bacteria levels by over 96% (when compared to non-microfiber cloths), to the SmartColor Micro Mops that reduce cross contamination risks, we have all your bases covered when it comes to a safer, higher level of clean.

Cleaning Carts Designed with Safety Standards Top of Mind

All of Unger’s commercial cleaning tools are created with the safety of your workers in mind. For example, the Ergo Dustpan with Broom, like most of our cleaning tools, features an ergonomically designed handle that mitigates unnecessary muscle strain from repetitive use. In addition, the use of telescopic poles in our designs allow handles to be raised and extended to accommodate the worker’s height, so they are never over bending and slouching.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial restroom cleaning efforts, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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RestroomRx Cleaning Specialist System Complete - 32 Qt.

Unger's Cleaning Carts for the Restroom Focus on Efficiency, Cleanliness & Safety

These are the first cleaning carts developed as a completely coordinated system by cleaning professionals. Streamlined cleaning carts significantly improve worker safety and productivity. Choose from several systems to see an immediate improvement in cleaning results. These restroom cleaning carts secure tool storage and a variety of mop bucket sizes combine to create ergonomic, functional systems. Your custodians will have every restroom cleaning tool at their disposal to guarantee sparkling results.

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Unger OmniClean Dual Bucket Compact Cart Kit

Unger's Compact Cleaning Carts Focus on Efficiency, Cleanliness & Safety

Not enough room for a full-sized cart? No problem! Unger’s Compact Cleaning Carts include our award-winning line of OmniClean mop carts, a completely re-engineered floor cleaning system. Given all the on-board features, the OmniClean mopping system still affords all the advantages of a compact, lightweight, and easy to maneuver floor cleaning solution.
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