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Glass Squeegees

Get a sparkling clean finish faster than ever with Unger's line of pro squeegees. These lightweight, ergonomic professional window squeegees feature two sharp rubber edges for streak-free cleaning. Safety features hold squeegees firmly in place when used with Unger's telescopic poles. Rubber removes quickly for easy replacement. Keep your windows spotless with the Unger squeegees!

Innovative Window Cleaning Squeegees

Clean, streak-free windows improve the appearance of any building. They also ensure the health of your patrons by providing cleanliness they can rely on. Are your traditional window washing tools up for the job? No matter how big or small the task, Unger has the right professional cleaning tool for your need. Get a sparkling clean finish faster than ever with Unger's line of professional window squeegees.

What makes Unger’s window cleaning squeegees better than traditional tools? Unger’s window washing cleaning tools are designed with the window washer’s needs top of mind - faster, more effective and safer cleaning – as you can immediately see in every design detail.

Window Washing Squeegees for Every Size Job

Unger has a variety of superior commercial window tools to suit your cleaning needs. Our multi-purpose squeegees are available in a large selection of sizes and are compatible with other window cleaning accessories, including washers, scrapers and telescopic poles. Unger also provides replaceable handles, channels and rubber blades so you can choose to replace individual parts instead of replacing the entire squeegee tool, making them a cost-effective tool for your cleaning tool arsenal.

  • ErgoTec Window Washing Squeegees are versatile and continue to be the most popular squeegee from Unger. These stainless-steel squeegees with an ergonomic rubber grip provide the ultimate comfortability when performing repetitive motions.  The ErgoTec Washer Sleeve and ErgoTec Glass Scraper complement this squeegee.
  • ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegees are advanced, revolutionary squeegees that include an aluminum T6 channel so they are lightweight but will not succumb to bending. The stainless-steel industrial squeegee contains two sharp edges, so no debris and grime are left behind. While the Ninja has the same grip as the ErgoTec, it  is designed using an upgraded material on the grip, providing comfort during extensive use. The ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee complements other products within the Ninja family, including the ErgoTec Ninja Scraper and the ErgoTec Ninja Washer Sleeve.
  • S-Channel Plus Squeegee has the power to significantly reduce detailing time! This window washing squeegee features curved ends that support the rubber edges for improved cleaning close to the frame. The S-Channel Plus Squeegee fits most industry squeegee handles, including the ErgoTec and Pro Stainless Steel.
  • The Pro Stainless-Steel Squeegee is expertly manufactured with a non-slip rubber grip that is ideal for all weather conditions and resists rust. The squeegee features a fast lock for fast channel changes. The Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle complements this tool and features a fast-lock, anti-slip handle with a rubber grip that can easily attach to all poles with an intuitive press fit.
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