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Food Service

A spotless kitchen is essential for every restaurant. These food service cleaning tools are exactly what your custodial staff needs to give your facilities an even deeper clean. Our high heat grill squeegees and double-sided scrapers will make even the greasiest griddles sparkle. Use extendable poles for hand cleaning kitchen hoods, or try our ergonomic Sprayer on a Belt. No matter your kitchen cleaning needs, greasy buildup won't stand a chance against these tools!

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Made Easy

Easily clean kitchen hoods and perform high access cleaning to insure your kitchen adheres to the highest cleaning and safety regulations. From restaurant hood cleaning equipment to our griddle scrapper options, our kitchen cleaning supplies secure a pristine cooking foundation on which you can produce a cleaner final food product.

Kitchen Cleaning from the Ground Up

In a fast paced kitchen, you need the best kitchen mop and kitchen cleaning supplies to quickly address the debris and spills that can make or break the productivity of your operations. Unger complements its commercial kitchen cleaning equipment with its cutting edge microfiber string mop system. With a wider spread than traditional kitchen floor mops, our mops allow workers to clean a larger area, faster.

When using the Unger OmniClean floor mopping system, featuring a dual bucket system, you can remove more than 90% of the dirt and germs from the kitchen floor, isolating contaminants in the dirty bucket and allowing you to use clean solution from the second bucket, leaving your floors cleaner than ever before.

Unger offers a wide range of tools to assist your staff with dusting and high access cleaning. Our dusters, bushes, pads, and ultra-lightweight telescopic poles make it easy for your staff to reach even the most challenging areas. By simplifying ceiling and fixture maintenance, your staff can regularly perform these tasks, ensuring a clean kitchen and a more polished presentation.

Cleanliness Attracts Food Service Customers

When it comes to convenience store cleanliness, those that do it well can attest that cleanliness attracts customers. To help convenience stores manage their duty of care initiatives and local traffic scenarios, c-stores need commercial cleaning equipment designed with their unique environments and challenges in mind. Unger's compact cleaning carts and floor mopping systems provide quick & efficient spot cleaning, minimize the risk of cross contamination when cleaning multiple areas and are easy to store in a limited space.

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Unger's ergonomic, purpose-built griddle cleaning tools will keep your cooking surfaces spotless. Choose from a complete cleaning set featuring all the tools needed maintain griddles, or create your own cleaning system with a selection of high heat squeegees and double-sided grill scrapers. Hang ups keep griddle tools organized and MicroWipe cloths facilitate daily dusting tasks. Help your staff clean high temperature surfaces faster and safer with this huge selection of food service cleaning tools.
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Keep your kitchen running efficiently and safely with this variety of hood cleaning tools. Our sturdy OptiLoc extendable poles with ergonomic handles allow staff to work safely from the ground. Use lightweight, adjustable T-bars with microfiber washer sleeves to reach those hard-to-clean corners. Complementing our comprehensive line of hood cleaning equipment, The Sprayer on a Belt is perfect for spray-cleaning, providing optimal weight support. Your grill hoods will be spotless when your custodians use these purpose built hood cleaning supplies!
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