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Unger Litter Removal Tools

Ergonomically Designed Trash Pick Up Sticks

Find all the trash pick up tools your staff needs to keep facilities free from litter. These debris removal tools and accessories are designed for safety and efficiency, keeping your custodians healthy and productive.

These heavy-duty tools can easily pick up litter of all sizes; ergonomic handles and lightweight design help get cleaning jobs done fast. The trash pick up tools are essentially a long pole that contain a trash grabber mechanism on the end. The claw of the cleaning tool contains a magnetized head that allows for the collection of nails, keys, coins and more, making it easy to pick up otherwise undetectable litter. The grips of the trash pick up stick are rubber which allows your workers to easily grab and release even the oddest shape litter items.

Keep your grounds spotless with these high-quality litter removal tools that also help keep your team safer. Without the need to repeatedly bend over to grab the trash, your team can work safely and comfortably, relieving physical strain while cleaning.

Litter Removal for Disaster Recovery

Unger makes the right cleanup tools for your every need, including disaster recovery. Whether it’s removing wastewater and debris due to a natural disaster or flooding, these tools let you focus on what matters most. The AquaDozer Heavy Duty allows you to move large volumes of water, mud and debris. Made with black EPDM rubber and 14-gauge powder-coated steel, this disaster recovery tool is made for heavy-duty jobs. After collecting debris, use the collapsible NiftyNabber Bagger that boasts a 40-gallon capacity. This trash bag features bottom drainage holes that make rinsing out simple. With its sturdy web handles and rugged bottom, you can easily drag this reciprocal across pavement without damage.

Trash Picking, Reaching and Bagging

Continue to keep your facility litter-free with the help of Unger’s line of trash picking tools. Unger’s Neoprene Gloves are an essential accessory for your workers, becoming a staple in their trash removal operations. The gloves textured palm delivers a non-slip grip that allows workers to grab items with ease. Unger’s People Paper Picker Pin is a strong metal pin that delivers effective waste removal results. The pin is excellent for picking up litter such as paper, cans and plastic cups. These high-quality litter removal tools keep your grounds-cleaning jobs productive and safe.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial cleaning operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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Unger Aquadozer Max

Flood, Fire and Disaster Commercial Clean Up Tools

Understanding the importance of business continuity for your facility, Unger provides disaster clean up tools to help you be as prepared as possible for an emergency. When flooding, powerful storms or fire occurs, you need immediate help to restore your facility while decreasing downtime. Unger’s line of disaster clean up tools is ideal for recovery efforts and is the professional's choice for safe and effective cleaning.
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Heavy Duty Grabber Pick Up Tools

Unger’s line of trash pick up tools and accessories are exactly what your custodians need to keep facilities litter-free. Heavy duty grabber pick up tools and long handle picker pins allow workers to collect debris without bending over, relieving physical strain while cleaning. Neoprene gloves with textured palms ensure a non-slip grip, and bagger with drainage holes allow easy cleaning and compact shipping. These high-quality litter removal tools will keep your grounds-cleaning jobs productive and safe.

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