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Water Fed Window Cleaning Brushes

Waterfed Window Cleaning Brushes 

Reach new heights with Unger’s selection of high-quality waterfed window cleaning brushes. After selecting the ideal waterfed pole for your cleaning application, Unger has all the accessories needed to get the job done, including brushes that come in a variety of shapes and types. Depending on the cleaning application, surface quality and degree of cleaning needed, cleaning professionals can choose between different brush filter variants. The waterfed cleaning pole and brush are equipped to spray the pure water solution on your facility’s windows, delivering a new level of clean without leaving any residue behind. The cleaning pole and brush are lightweight and easy to maneuver so your cleaning professionals can scrub hard-to-reach areas with ease.

The bristles in the waterfed window cleaning brushes are all lightweight, solvent-resistant and durable, making them effective in removing even the most stubborn dirt and grime.

Unger’s Waterfed Cleaning Pole and Brush

The HiFlo nLite waterfed window cleaning brush allows you to tackle any window or glass cleaning challenge with confidence. Choose between various sizes and models of these water-powered scrub brushes depending on the size, type, and angle of the application you’re working on. All brush styles are super-light and feature multiple jet connections and include one set of pencil jets (additional jets available). Attach to a water fed pole system for scrubbing windows up to five stories high.

  • HiFlo nLite Radius Brushes feature angled bristles that provide the right shape for cleaning large surface areas and sills. Depending on the model you select, there are 4-6 jet locations available.
  • HiFlo nLite Rectangular Brushes feature unsplit bristles for cleaning windows and surfaces. Depending on the model you select, there are 4-10 jet locations available.
  • HiFlo nLite Boar’s Hair Brushes are ideal for tough window cleaning surfaces. Depending on the model you select, there are 4-6 jet locations available.

nLite Brush Jet Types

There are a few jet types to choose from in our product line of waterfed brushes including pencil jets for hydrophilic glass and fan jets for hydrophobic glass. Both options offer a quick connection to nLite brushes and are effective for rinsing and removing dirt with pressure.

Adding more jets to the pure waterfed cleaning pole and brush allow you to clean larger areas more quickly and efficiently than before. The number of jets used in your application depends on the level of water pressure needed; the higher the water pressure, the higher number of jets you can use at one time.

Pure Water Window Washing Technology

The nLite poles system is powered by pure water cleaning technology. Pure water involves stripping tap water of naturally occurring minerals and impurities through the process of deionization. This purification process does not involve the use of any harsh chemicals or detergents, cutting down on the costs and environmental impact of your professional window washing operations. However, one of the biggest benefits to your cleaning efforts is that after washing, only a streak-free shine is left behind. Without containments, pure water evaporates without leaving behind any film, dirt or grease, delivering a new standard of cleanliness to your facility’s window washing operations.

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