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Griddle Cleaning

Unger's ergonomic, purpose-built griddle cleaning tools will keep your cooking surfaces spotless. Choose from a complete cleaning set featuring all the tools needed maintain griddles, or create your own cleaning system with a selection of high heat squeegees and double-sided grill scrapers. Hang ups keep griddle tools organized and MicroWipe cloths facilitate daily dusting tasks. Help your staff clean high temperature surfaces faster and safer with this huge selection of food service cleaning tools.

The Impact of a Cleaner Griddle

Your griddle is not only an investment for your kitchen, but the final outcome of your food starts with the cleanliness of your flat tops. With the proper griddle cleaning tools, you can protect your equipment investment while making sure that unwanted grease and residue does not interfere with the flavors of your food.

A Safer, More-Effective Griddle Scraper

Available as a standalone tool or as part of Unger's griddle cleaning kit, our griddle scrapers feature a non-slip grip to ensure safety while removing the toughest of grill debris and burned residue. Complemented by the scraper's long handle and reversible stainless steel blade, food and grease residue can be removed from grill surfaces that could otherwise be out of reach.

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