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Nabbers & Grabbers

More Than Ever, You Must Truly Clean With The Right Tools

Unger tools and accessories are exactly what your custodians need to keep facilities litter free. Purpose-built grabbers, picker pins and the collapsible NiftyNabber Bagger allow workers to collect refuse without needing to bend over and handle waste, relieving physical strain and possible exposure while cleaning.

  • The NiftyNabber's lightweight aluminum shaft, designed to decrease fatigue, helps custodians stay comfortable and healthy.
  • Use the People's Paper Picker for effective waste removal, easily picking up litter such as paper, cans, and plastic cups with its strong metal pin.
  • Our NiftyNabber bagger collapses and locks for compact shipping and easy storage.
  • Your litter removal work will get done faster and more productively with Unger grabbers and reachers!

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