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Glass Scrapers

Professional Glass Scrapers for Facility Cleaning

When it comes to attracting and retaining patrons, first impressions are everything, and one of the easiest ways to spot an unkept building is its dirty windows and glass. Keep your glass surfaces pristine and debris-free with Unger’s selection of professional glass cleaning tools, including our variety of glass scrapers. Where removing debris and adhesives from a window was once a time-consuming and tedious job, now you can expertly remove every stuck-on window particle with ease with Unger’s glass scrapers.

These glass scrapers offer anti-slip handles and protective caps when not in use to ensure a safer cleaning process. Choose from a variety of sizes, safety features, and adjustable heads to guarantee that your custodians always have the perfect tool for the job. Lockable holsters increase productivity and keep workers safe. These purpose-built scrapers are the next step in keeping glass surfaces sparkling clean.

Glass Scrapers that Ensure Worker Safety

Unger designs commercial window cleaning products to create a safer work environment for your workers and patrons. The ergonomically designed handle ensures comfort and dexterity while minimizing the risk of physical strains.

Unger’ selection of Safety Scrapers offer a unique locking system that eliminates blades from sliding out to reduce the risk of lacerations. They also contain a rubber grip that prevents the scraper from slipping in the hand. When finished, safety caps are used to deter the risk of an accident occurring when the tool is not in use.

A Glass Scraper for Every Job

Glass window scrapers are excellent at safely scraping off tough, stubborn dirt that has been caked on. Our line of scraper tools can be used in many diverse applications and can remove many types of debris, such as grime, stickers, paint, tape and more.

Unger features an array of scrapers to meet your cleaning demands. The easy-to-use ErgoTec Glass Scraper is lightweight and reversible and features two razor edges that are ideal for cleaning large surface areas. The ErgoTec Scraper is an effective tool that has a blunt side for removing construction debris, such as tape, paint, cement and stucco. For cleaning large glass surface areas, the Maxi Scraper with a rubber coated handle will do the job. For hard-to-reach glass surface areas, try The Brute Scraper that contains a reversible carbon steel blade with a razor and blunt edge so it’s versatile for the job. The strong 12” handle provides extra cleaning power and reach for your custodians. Unger’s products contain anti-rust steel so that they clean and never scratch glass surfaces.

If safety and efficiency are priorities at your facility, explore our portfolio of commercial cleaning products, including a variety of glass cleaning tools that will leave your windows streak-free and expertly clean.

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