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Traditional Window Cleaning

Traditional Window Cleaning Equipment, Tools, Kits & Supplies for Professionals

Traditional window cleaning as its simplest includes a bucket of water, a ladder and squeegee. This approach may produce an acceptable result for small-scale jobs, but the tap water used as the basis for cleaning is ineffective when it comes to performing professional window cleaning jobs.

Choose from Unger's professional window cleaning tools for traditional outdoor window care and maintenance. If your windows require up-close attention, these scrapers, squeegees, and microfiber pads will keep your glass pristine. Professional holsters and belts will enable your custodians to keep tools organized. Window cleaning kits contain a variety of handheld brushes and pads for detailed work, and the ErgoTec system's ergonomic tools can reach every corner. Take your glass cleaning to a new level today!

Innovative Professional Window Cleaning Solutions

Increase the speed, safety and efficiency of window cleaning with Unger’s expertly designed glass cleaning solutions. Unger’s glass and window cleaning tools utilize the latest technology and solutions to deliver a greater level of clean than ever before.

Pure water cleaning technology has revolutionized outdoor window cleaning. By swapping tap water for pure water, water impurities are essentially eliminated. With traditional window cleaning using tap water, once the water evaporates, what’s left behind are impurities – the offenders in causing unsightly spots and streaks. Not only does pure water not leave behind residue, but windows also stay cleaner for a longer period of time and the chance of spots and stains causing permanent damage to the glass over time is significantly reduced.

Another way Unger is creating a deeper clean is by utilizing microfiber cloths for glass and window cleaning. Unlike paper towels, microfiber is able to attract dirt and debris without leaving lint behind. Microfibers are knitted into a soft, reusable cleaning cloth that is 30 times finer than cotton, creating a cleaning surface packed with filaments that trap soil, remove bacteria and absorb moisture for streak-free cleaning. Not only is this cleaning option boost effectiveness, but it is also more environmentally friendly than using disposable paper towels and cleaning cloths.

Professional Squeegee and Scraper Tools

All professional squeegee tools are not created equal! Unger’s squeegee tools are ergonomically designed, meaning they are comfortable and safe for extended use. Commercial squeegee tools, such as the ErgoTec Squeegee Complete, is a prime example. Featuring a two-component handle and textured thumb plate for easy adjustment and channel change, this tool provides a comfortable grip for long periods of time. Unger’s ErgoTec Squeegee Complete contains a non-slip grip ideal for all weather conditions.

If you’re dealing with a heavy-duty glass cleaning job, consider the Auto Squeegee. Unger’s Auto Squeegee is a squeegee and scrubber all in one! The heavy-duty mesh scrubber is designed to clean hard-to-remove buildup on windows and glass. Featuring a 21” plastic handle, this commercial tool has an extended reach.

Sometimes caked on debris requires more than squeegee cleaning. Professional scrapers for glass cleaning, such as the ErgoTec Glass Scraper, can safely remove any leftover window grime, resulting in sparkling clear windows. The Ergo Glass Scraper is ergonomically designed and comes complete with a lightweight ergonomic handle and protective cap. The reversible blade features two razor edges excellent for cleaning large surfaces and effective for scraping off paint, stickers, etc. If you’re cleaning a smaller surface area, the Mini Scraper is ideal. The Mini Scraper comes packaged in a storage bucket and can be used on such surfaces as glass and countertops. The tool easily snaps open for quick blade replacement.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial glass cleaning operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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