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Aluminum Poles

Unger telescopic poles have always been the ideal equipment for professional glass cleaners to work from the ground. The 2 or 3-section aluminum telescopic poles, available in 12 different lengths, allow the cleaning of windows and glass surfaces up to 30 feet high.

For even more ease of use and handling, Unger has optimized the OptiLoc telescopic poles. Thanks to the new sure grip locking collar, the new generation of OptiLoc poles have many advantages!

All fit a full range of cleaning tools - washers, squeegees, dusters, and brushes. No matter what the job, using an Unger pole allows performance and safety to be top priorities.

Safety on the highest level.

Aluminum Telescopic Pole Attachments

Cleaning staff will enjoy the ergonomic grip and lightweight design so much that they'll soon find Unger's line of extension poles being used with a variety of cleaning attachments, quickly transforming it from a  telescopic window cleaning pole to an industrial floor cleaning essential:

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