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Restroom Floor Cleaning

These ergonomic, purpose-built floor cleaning tools are essential for spotless restroom floors. Ergo brooms and dustpans quickly remove debris without requiring bending. Supplies stay organized with our selection of janitorial carts. Damp/dry mop pads are perfect for smooth floors such as tile, linoleum, or wood, while our swivel corner brush offers superior cleaning for corners and grout lines. Your restroom floors will sparkle when custodians use Unger cleaning tools!

Remove More Germs for Infection Control

Keep restroom floors cleaner with microfiber mop pads and floor cleaning systems that utilize microfiber cleaning technology. Built to exceed cotton mops in longevity and cleaning effectiveness, microfiber mop heads eliminate the need for heavy, outdated and germ-spreading traditional cleaning mop systems. Replacing traditional cotton string mops with a commercial microfiber mop system can reduce bacteria by 96 percent.  Unger offers a variety of microfiber mops:

Reduce Cross-Contamination Between Areas

Most commercial cleaning professionals utilize a single bucket mopping system, meaning they’re mopping restrooms with dirty water. And without clean water, the process aimed at cleaning is leaving behind potentially dangerous germs.  For a deeper level of clean, Unger’s dual bucket restroom cleaning system separates clean and dirty water, preventing contaminated water from ever entering the cleaning process.

When combining dual compartment buckets with Unger’s SmartColor™ cleaning technology, the risk of cross contamination is further minimized as you move from restrooms to other areas of your facility. A color-coded system keeps tools organized and separated into their correct areas of use or cleaning task, reducing bacteria and cross-contamination between high and low-risk areas. Look for the SmartColor™ identification on our commercial restroom floor cleaning products:

Clean Restrooms Faster and More Productively

With ergonomic, streamlined efficiently designed restroom cleaning tools and storage systems, custodial staff can get their jobs done faster with increase productivity.  Unger’s RestroomRX full-service janitorial carts offer:

  • A patented clip system that guarantees that all equipment is securely fastened to the cart and easily within reach. With cleaning staff able to access their tools comfortably and conveniently, they can eliminate any physical discomfort and quickly move on to the job at hand.
  • A storage module that drastically limits, and often eliminates, unnecessary trips back and forth to the supply closet for restocking. The narrow tool tower feature ensures that all tools and equipment remain inside the width of the cart, guaranteeing convenience for cleaning staff and safety for passersby.

For smaller areas, such as single stall restrooms, Unger’s OmniClean restroom kit solution offers the same cleaning effectiveness and prioritized accessories as the RestroomRX, but with a much smaller footprint. Its advanced design makes it more efficient where storing large restroom carts isn't an option and the need for portability is a priority.  OmniClean features the Unger Excella handle with chemical on board for direct application of your preferred cleaning or disinfecting agent.

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