Unger OmniClean Restroom Kit

2020 ISSA Winner for Professional Cleaning InnovationTruly Clean Your Floors with Unger’s Professional bathroom mop kit. Setting a new standard in restroom floor cleaning, OmniClean is the newest, groundbreaking innovation in floor care.

The OmniClean professional bathroom kit removes more than 90% of the dirt from the floor! With advanced design features, the OmniClean bathroom mop and powerful scrub board remove debris from the microfiber mop pad, isolating it in the dirty solution bucket. The unique horizontal wringer removes remaining debris leaving you with a clean mop pad. Maximizing efficiency, the innovative dual swivel handles and adjustable height pole with bottle on board provide a constant supply of fresh cleaning agent.

OmniClean is the only industrial bathroom mop and bucket system clinically proven to leave floors 13x cleaner than traditional methods. Unger’s SmartColor™ cleaning technology helps keep cross contamination risks to a minimum by separating tools with a color-coded system into their correct areas of use or cleaning task, reducing bacteria and cross-contamination between high and low-risk areas.

  • Color coded to reduce cross contamination
  • Ergonomic Unger Excella handle
  • Bottle on board
  • Clip system securely store restroom floor cleaning accessories
  • Kit includes (1) Offset Pole with Actuator (1) 0.5L bottle (1) 1L bottle (1) Mop Pad Holder (1) Microfiber Pads (2) (1) Telescopic DustPan (1) Ergo Toilet Brush Handle with 2 brush heads (1) NiftyNabber 18″ red (1) SmartColor rectangular labels (1) Carriage with Wringer (1) Gray Bucket (1) Gray Bucket Scrub Board (1) Offset Tube Carriage Handle (1) Excella bottle holder clip (1) DustPan holder clip (1)Toilet Brush holder clip (1) NiftyNabber holder clip (1) Storage Caddy (1) Excella clip (4) Casters


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Unger OmniClean Restroom Kit
  • Unger OmniClean Restroom Kit


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Unger OmniClean Restroom Kit
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    3 Reasons OmniClean Cleans Floors Faster
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    4 Reasons OmniClean Cleans Floors Better
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    How-To: OmniClean Assembly & Quickstart
  • Unger OmniClean Floor Cleaning Kit
    Unger OmniClean Floor Cleaning Kit
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