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Bulb Changing

Professional Light Bulb Changers

Effectively change the light bulbs at your facility while keeping your workers safe on the ground. Unger’s selection of high-access cleaning tools enables custodians to change bulbs quickly and safely with the use of telescopic poles. Choose from a variety of lightbulb changers, including the Sticky Fingers Bulb Changer, which easily adjusts to fit various shape bulbs. The tool’s rubber-coated spring steel fingers offer quality turning power that gets the job done with ease.

The fully insulated Flood Sucker Bulb Changer features a suction cup that attaches to the bulb, allowing you to efficiently change floodlights and other flat lights. Workers never have to worry about touching shattered glass from broken bulbs again with Unger’s Bebble tool. Its plastic tray catches broken bulb pieces so you can mitigate the risk of injury due to sharp glass fragments.

Because your workers do not have to go up and down a ladder to change a light bulb, this task is  completed with speed and efficiency. No matter the size or location of your facility's light fixtures, these high access tools get bulbs changed quickly and safely.

Safety Concerns of High Access Bulb Changing

Although the task of changing a light bulb seems straightforward, it’s important to perform the task with the utmost care and safety, as it poses certain risks of injury which can be prevented if the proper tools are used.

One of the most dangerous jobs your facility worker can face is getting on a ladder to complete high-access cleaning jobs. Each year, ladder falls cause more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries and result in approximately 300 deaths in the U.S. And surprisingly, most ladder deaths occur from falls of 10 feet or less. With Unger’s line of high access bulb changing tools, your employee’s feet will be planted safely on the ground so they’re able to reach heights without the use of a ladder.

Another potential hazard of changing a hot bulb for custodians is the risk of burns upon contact. Insulated design features ensure that custodians are safe from heat while changing bulbs. This feature, combined with long pole handles, keeps custodians off dangerous ladders and lifts.

Unger’s high access bulb changing tools are ergonomically designed so custodians do not run the risk of injury resulting from awkward posture or arm and/or back extension. The extendable light bulb changer comes complete with anti-slip extension pole features for easy operation.

Extendable Light Bulb Changer Poles that Suit your Facility’s Needs

Our extendable OptiLoc poles work with our large variety of commercial bulb changing tools. Expertly constructed of anodized, extruded drawn aluminum with nylon locking collars, these extendable light bulb changer poles are sturdy and can effortlessly hold up to the daily wear and tear of cleaning a large facility.

Its Anti-Slip End Cap helps keeps the OptiLoc pole in place when on the ground and protects against damage. As with all of Unger’s line of commercial cleaning tools, our OptiLoc lightweight poles are ergonomically designed with the comfort and safety of your workers in mind. The extendable pole features a Sure Grip Locking Collar allows for easy opening and closing.

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