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Window Cleaning Kits

Professional Window Washing Solution Kits

Find the best professionally designed classic window cleaning solutions to keep your outdoor glass and windows sparkling with Unger’s line of professional window kits. These kits contain a selection of ergonomic window cleaning tools contained inside convenient nylon carrying cases. These first to second story window cleaning kits are ideal for high access cleaning and contain a telescopic pole that can fit interchangeably between the tools. Whatever type of cleaning your facility needs, these kits will keep your windows and outdoor glass surfaces cleaner than ever.

Professional Outdoor Window Cleaning Tools

Take your window washing operations to the next level with Unger’s line of professional cleaning tools. The Pro Window Cleaning Kit is a high-quality, starter glass cleaning kit that features a selection of ergonomic window cleaning tools, everything from the ProTrim 10 Scraper, large sponge, Original StripWasher Complete and “S” Channel with ErgoTec Soft Rubber is included, making this the perfect all-in-one professional window cleaning solution. 

Expertly Clean Even the Toughest Job

If your windows require detailed attention, Unger’s line of scrapers, squeegees, and microfiber sponges will keep your glass pristine and shining like never before. The Ninja Transformer Box is a comprehensive kit that contains four high-precision cleaning tools designed for commercial window washing. This second story window cleaning kit features the Ninja Squeegee which is designed with two sharp edges that can reach every hard to reach surface and leave a streak-free shine. The Ninja Washer features an ergonomic swivel handle and built-in microfiber scrubbing bristles with a center lock. The comfortably designed glass scraper will effortlessly remove any caked on debris from your facility’s windows. This kit contains Unger’s telescopic carbon pole which can be used interchangeably with these commercial window tools.

Work in Safer Conditions with the Use of Telescopic Poles

Unger’s line of exterior window cleaning tools not only improves efficiency, but also aids in worker safety. Telescopic poles are extendable up to 5 stories high so workers can safely keep their feet planted on the ground for most jobs, minimizing safety risks and worker injuries associated with ladder use. Second story window cleaning kits keep workers safe and comfortable while delivering expert performance.

All of Unger’s professional window cleaning tools are ergonomically designed, lightweight and user-friendly.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your professional outdoor window cleaning operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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