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Glass Scraper Blades

Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Glass Scraper Blades for Professional Window & Glass Cleaning

For spotless, streak free window cleaning, use Unger's premium glass scraper blades. Choose from carbon steel or rust-resistant stainless scraper blades stored in compact, handy dispensers. Our scraper blades are honed to a precise edge, creating a perfect cutting angle that is razor sharp and consistent. Unger creates high-quality razor sharp safety scraper blades and scraper replacement blades, so your custodians stay safe and productive.

Make a positive first impression on your patrons by ensuring your windows are pristine and debris-free. Choose Unger scraper blades and see an even deeper clean!

Professional Glass Scrapers for Your Every Need

Unger’s line of Premium Glass Scraper Blades are durable and reliable. The Premium Glass Scraper Blade features a dual-sided blade that is made from hardy 440A grade stainless steel, providing superior edge retention and ensures the blade stays sharp and ready for use. Each blade is honed with a precision edge to further the level of cleanliness at your facility. This glass scraper is created with the perfect cutting angle that is razor sharp and consistent.

The Replacement Blades Carbon Steel contains a compact handy dispenser that safely stores new and used blades; with this dispenser, blades can easily slide in and out. One side of the glass scraper has a sharp side for scraping off debris such as paint, stickers, etc. and a dull side for removing cement and stucco with ease. The Trim/Glass Scraper Replacement Blade is individually wrapped in wax paper to prevent rust and carbon coated with a reversible razor edge.

Without having to replace the entire glass cleaning tool, replacement blades allow you to save on your cleaning budget.

Ergonomically Designed Window Razor Scrapers

Unger’s product lines are designed with your custodians’ top of mind. The glass scrapers are created with an ergonomic design to mitigate strain and discomfort during use. Less physical strain means that your workers can comfortably use these tools for longer periods of time with ease.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your professional glass cleaning operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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