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This selection offers everything you need to keep flat surfaces clean. Glass scrapers are perfect for removing paint and stickers. Grill scrapers keep cooking surfaces spotless. Floor scrapers will remove even the toughest adhesives. You'll find the right tool for the job, whether your cleaning calls for reversible blades, extra safety features, or adjustable working angles. Work safer, faster, and produce a better clean than ever before!

ErgoTec® Glass Scrapers
Keep your glass surfaces pristine. This selection of scrapers offers anti-slip handles and protective caps to ensure a safe clean. Choose from a variety of sizes, safety features, and adjustable heads to guarantee that your custodians always have the perfect tool for the job. Lockable holsters increase productivity and keep workers safe. These purpose-built scrapers are the next step in keeping glass surfaces sparkling clean.
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Medium Duty Scraper
These scrapers are the perfect tools to keep floor surfaces clean and safe. Their ergonomic grip design and hang hole are perfect for use in any facility. The heavy-duty scraper is essential for serious jobs, such as stripping flooring or heavy adhesives. Tape, heavy dirt, stickers, and gum don't stand a chance against the medium and light duty scrapers. No matter your floor cleaning needs, these scrapers will get the job done.
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ErgoTec® Grill Scraper Handles
Take your kitchen's cleanliness to the next level with these griddle scrapers. Ergonomic handles and reversible blades make it easy for your staff to remove burned residue or grease buildup. These long-lasting, rust-free scrapers will keep your grill spotless!
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