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Litter Removal Tools

Litter Removal Tools - Nabbers, Grabbers and Baggers

When litter is a problem, Unger's professional cleaning tools are your solution. These litter removal tools and accessories are designed for safety and efficiency, minimizing strain and injury. No bending, no backaches. Great for retrieving out-of-reach objects high and low. Ergonomic handles and a lightweight design help get cleaning jobs done fast. Keep your grounds spotless with these high-quality litter removal tools.

Managing Litter Clean Up at Your Facility

Removing litter not only ensures an excellent first impression for your patrons by keeping a clean and tidy space, but it also minimizes the environmental impact. If left outdoors, plastic can begin to break down and produce microplastics that in turn leach harmful chemicals out into the land and water. To prevent this scenario, just as your custodians are on a consistent schedule for window washing, restroom cleaning and floor cleaning, it is critical to add litter management to their list of cleaning activities, as this practice can greatly influence the overall appearance and carbon footprint of your facility.

Litter Pick Up Tools & Accessories for Your Every Need

To achieve fast, efficient litter removal, you need the right tools. The NifftyNabber Bagger is a 40-gallon capacity trash bag that can effortlessly collapse and lock for compact shipping and easy storage. Used with a heavy-duty 55-gallon trash bag inside, the NifftyNabber Bagger can lift up to 65 lbs. and features bottom drainage holes that make rinsing the bag a simple process.

Unger’s line of professional litter pick up tools and accessories keeps your custodians safe from unsanitary debris and environments, including times that call for disaster cleanup. When a natural disaster hits, such as a hurricane or flood, heavy-duty, professional tools are needed. You can rely on Unger’s line of Disaster Clean Up tools to clean up whatever debris or liquid is left behind. Unger’s AquaDozer Max floor squeegee is designed to move up to two times more fluid than compared to the competition. The durable steel body is excellent for tough jobs, including flood cleanup, to quickly dry your floor.

Safety at Every Step of the Way

Unger is the leader in developing professional cleaning tools that improve efficiency as well as safety. Neoprene Gloves provide a textured, non-slip grip and feature a secure fit for easy litter removal. The neoprene exterior and interior foam insulation ensure your custodian’s hands are protected from any hazardous material and debris.

All of Unger’s Grabber & Nabbers are created with a cushioned handle that provides a comfortable grip during times of extended use. Ergonomically designed products, such as the Grabber & Nabbers’ grip with smooth trigger-pull action, not only increases comfort but also efficiency. From the Nifty Nabber Pro the People’s Paper Picker Pin, these grabbing and picking tools make trash removal an easy task.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your facility, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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NiftyNabber® Trigger Grip
These tools make litter removal jobs easy. The NiftyNabber's lightweight aluminum shaft, designed to decrease fatigue, helps custodians stay comfortable and healthy. Use the People's Paper Picker for effective waste removal, easily picking up litter such as paper, cans, and plastic cups with its strong metal pin. Our NiftyNabber bagger collapses and locks for compact shipping and easy storage. Your litter removal work will get done faster and more productively with Unger grabbers and reachers!
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Neoprene Gloves
Find all the accessories for fast, efficient litter removal. Neoprene gloves keep workers safe and sanitary in dirty environments, while the NiftyNabber bagger is much easier and less expensive to transport than plastic trash barrels. Stock up on replacement pins for your People's Paper Picker to ensure uninterrupted litter removal. Unger has everything your team needs to keep your facilities spotlessly clean!
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Unger Aquadozer Max

Get back to clean, faster and safer.

The professional's choice for safe and effective disaster clean-up. These tools and accessories are designed for performance with safety and efficiency in mind, with ergonomic handles and lightweight design to help get cleaning jobs done fast.
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