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Unger's Best in Class Indoor Window Cleaning Tools & Equipment for Professionals

Unger Stingray | Winner 2016 ISSA Innovation Award

Unger’s indoor window washing tools range from ultra-fine microfiber cloths to swivel-head T-bars, including accessories and supplies for window and glass cleaning. Enable your custodians to work faster and safer while achieving an even deeper clean.

Our commercial squeegees, scrapers, and washers come with a wide variety of handle, head, and rubber or pad selections. See why custodians rely on these purpose-built, user-friendly window cleaning tools for the most professional results!

Microfiber: The Inside Window Cleaning Solution

The introduction of microfiber cleaning cloths has drastically changed the landscape of indoor window cleaning, creating shinier, cleaner windows in less time and effort. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, microfiber technology can clean 4X faster, allowing your janitorial staff to get the job done quicker and move on to other daily cleaning operations. Unger’s product line of microfiber glass cleaning products contains everything your janitorial staff needs to effectively clean every nook and cranny on your facility’s window and glass surfaces.

Our microfiber glass cleaning cloths come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the right product for your cleaning needs; from the MicroWipe which is ideal for ledges and frames on windows and mirrors to the premium Ninja MicroWipe Cloths that are double-sided and course, creating the perfect cleaning tool for scrubbing debris from large window and glass surfaces. 

Cleaning High Indoor Windows Without Ladders

Traditional indoor window washing methods typically include a mop, bucket, squeegee and tall ladder. The truth is, there is a better process for achieving crystal clear indoor windows with the help of Unger’s line of indoor window cleaning tools.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that janitors and cleaners suffer an average of 50,000 injuries a year that require days off from work. A fall from a ladder may seem like a short distance, but it can result in serious injury and even fatality. This is why Unger’s ergonomic tools, extension poles and accessories are designed to reach new heights without the use of a dangerous ladder. Our premium ErgoTec tools are adjustable and extendable, reaching even the toughest corners without the use of a ladder, keeping workers’ feet safe on the ground.

The SpeedClean Starter Kit promotes safety, speed and efficiency. The professional kit contains everything you need for cleaning hard to reach indoor window and glass surfaces. With this tool, you do not have to worry about common cleaning issues, such as water spills, drips or streaks left on windowsills, frames, carpets and furniture. The short microfiber pads for polishing and long microfiber washing pads for removing heavy dirt and grime deliver a new level of clean.

Unger’s Stingray indoor cleaning tool features a high-productivity design that saves you time and effort when cleaning a variety of surfaces, including windows, glass and tabletops. With this cleaning system, there’s no need for spray bottles and rags, and the Stingray eliminates the need for potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals.

​​Our diverse selection of indoor window cleaning tools and cleaning solutions guarantee the perfect tool for every job. If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial facility, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for All Unger Products.

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Unger’s large selection of professional microfiber cloths and glass cleaners arm your janitorial staff with the tools needed to keep indoor windows and glass spotless. Our MicroWipe line offers ultra-fine microfiber in a variety of sizes and surfaces, perfect for cleaning ledges, frames, and sills on windows and mirrors. Keep your glass surfaces shining and streak-free with these microfiber glass cleaning cloths and tools!
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Commercial Glass Tool for Cleaning Windows

Find everything your custodians need for crystal clear indoor window and glass cleaning. Streaks, spots and built-on debris won't stand a chance with Unger’s vast selection of glass squeegees and scrapers. Holsters, belts, and pouches help custodians organize tools for a faster, safer clean. Our premium ErgoTec tools are adjustable and extendable, reaching even the toughest corners and highest heights.

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commercial cleaning equipment

ISSA Award Winning Stingray® Window and Glass Cleaning System

The Unger Stingray is the professional indoor glass cleaning system that will take your cleanliness to the next level! Proven to clean windows 25% faster while using 39% less chemicals than traditional cloth window cleaning, the Unger Stingray tool provides a variety of surface cleaning options, while the multiple lightweight extending poles enable you to clean any height.

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