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Waterfed Pole Systems

Unger's Waterfed Pole Systems for Professional Outdoor Window Cleaning

Avoid dangerous ladders with Unger's revolutionary nLITE® high access water fed pole systems for pure water window cleaning! Safely clean upper-story windows from ground level with these strong, lightweight window cleaning poles that don't compromise on rigidity. Extension Poles, which include yellow and red visual warnings to prevent unintentional separation, attach easily to Master Poles to reach lengths up to 52.5’ (or 65’ with Generation 1 HiFlo HiMod Carbon Pole).

The Advantages of Waterfed Poles

  • Worker Safety – No ladders needed! For most applications, the dangerous use of ladders is not necessary – this results in safer working conditions for cleaners.
  • Pure Water Cleans Without Chemicals The use of Pure Water eliminates the need for harmful cleaning chemicals. This results in a safer, chemical-free workplace for cleaners and no harmful chemicals destroying our environment. Green Cleaning!
  • Waterfed Poles Increase ROI Over Lift Rentals Renting a lift is an expensive recurring cost to get the jobs done. Investment into a HiFlo Pure Water System with extension poles for high access window cleaning does not incur major additional costs and can be used for years.
  • Insourcing vs. Outsourcing Your Cleaning Jobs With inexpensive operating costs, insourcing your window cleaning equipment using a Pure Water Cleaning System has an extremely attractive cost-saving potential.

Introducing the Generation 2 nLITE Waterfed Pole System

Unger is dedicated to delivering innovation and high quality professional cleaning tools to the market and the new Generation 2 nLITE exemplifies just that! The waterfed pole is powered by pure water cleaning and features an integrated hose management system that contains a highly flexible DuroFlex hose. This commercial window washing tool delivers the ultimate in precision control cleaning.

The Generation 2 nLITE pole is made from rigid carbon. While an aluminum cleaning pole can still get the job efficiently done, a carbon pole comes with some added benefits. Carbon is a lighter yet still strong and durable material that can be used for high access points. By decreasing the weight of the telescopic pole, window washers in turn experience less fatigue and can get the job done more quickly and safely than ever before.

The pole fits comfortably in workers' hands due to its ergonomic design that’s specifically designed for ease and safety. The modular angle adapter system allows you to freely adjust and quickly maneuver the clamps so you can effortlessly reach difficult access points. View Unger’s family of Generation 2 nLITE waterfed pole systems today.

The nLITE Waterfed Window Cleaning Pole

Unger’s water fed cleaning poles are engineered to be portable, easy to use, and extremely efficient. The latest generation of the nLITE telescopic cleaning pole features:

  • HIGH-END CARBON MATERIALS that are ultra-lightweight and extremely durable
  • SMART LOCK CLAMPS that are easy and quick to close with just one finger
  • INTEGRATED HOSE MANAGEMENT for trouble-free work on windows and facades
  • PRECISION GRIP POLE FORM for ergonomic working and making the best use of your strength
  • POWER BRUSH AND ANGLE ADAPTER that offers limitless flexibility even in hard-to-reach places
  • TELESCOPIC MAIN & EXTENSION POLES for working at the optimal height
  • RINSE BAR for powerful rinsing of the cleaned surface
  • SWIVEL FUNCTION & POWER BRISTLE TECHNOLOGY that provides extremely high cleaning and easy gliding
  • MODULAR ANGLE ADAPTER SYSTEM to easily reach places that are difficult to access

Get started with Unger's commercial window cleaning tools today for a deeper clean than ever before!

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial window washing operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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