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Pure Water Cleaning

Pure Water Window Cleaning Systems

Unger has developed a line of window cleaning supplies powered by pure water. Using pure water cleaning solutions cuts glass cleaning time in half, without chemicals and ladders, creating safer, more effective window washing operations.

Cleaning your facility's windows is significantly easier and safer when you get started with a purpose-designed pure water window cleaning system. Select Unger’s comprehensive cleaning kits available as an Entry Kit, Professional 55' or 33' Kit, and Advanced 33' Kit.

Offered in two sizes, these pure water window cleaning systems are easily transported, maintained, assembled and stored.

Unlike other pure water systems, which require resin to be poured from containers into filters, the HydroPower DI Quick-Change resin bags are simple and easy to use - increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

Unger’s waterfed pole accessories, including the nLite Hybrid Brush Complete deliver the ultimate cleaning performance. Featuring wild boar bristles on the outside for serious scrub power and Power Bristle technology on the inside, these waterfed brushes expertly remove stubborn dirt and grime.

The Power of Pure Water Cleaning

The introduction of pure water revolutionized outdoor window cleaning operations, creating a faster, easier and safer result. When combined with waterfed poles and brushes, custodians can operate more efficiently thanks to the innovative pure water technology. Leave cumbersome traditional cleaning methods behind, including the bucket, ladder and classic window squeegee!

Do you know that tap water contains impurities? In fact, if you were to take a TDS meter and measure the level of impurities in tap water (measured in parts per million), you would most likely see a reading of 100-200 mg/l. When tap water is used to clean windows, it eventually will evaporate and leave behind undesirable streaks, spots and residue.

Through reverse osmosis and deionization, the pure water cleaning process safely removes damaging minerals and sediments. When the pure water reaches your window surface, this science ensures that there are virtually no contaminants present. The water simply evaporates, leaving behind a clean, spot and streak-free surface, no buckets needed.

By eliminating the use of cleaning chemicals, pure water is also considered a green cleaning solution. Traditional cleaning chemicals not only pose a risk to the environment, but to workers as well. Unger’s pure water waterfed pole and brush system acts as a natural detergent and the runoff from the cleaning process doesn’t harm the plants or grass at the base of the building.

Waterfed Poles Promote Worker Safety

With OSHA standards continuing to tighten, it’s becoming more critical than ever to use safer window cleaning methods that do not include the use of a ladder or lift. Fortunately, Unger’s patented waterfed poles go hand in hand with the pure water cleaning system. Pure water is pumped through the pole and is distributed to the attached cleaning brush scrubs.

If you’re considering pure water window cleaning, Unger’s HydroPower Ultra is the system of choice for superior outdoor window cleaning. When paired with an nLite® carbon pole, the HydroPower Ultra system can clean windows up to five stories high without ladders or lifts - eliminating the risk of ladder fall injuries and costly lift rentals.

This professional cleaning product boasts the longest latest pure water system with 30% more pure water output. Utilizing FloWater Technology, water is efficiently distributed through the entire vessel, improving resin efficiency and increasing its lifetime. The HydroPower Ultra professional window cleaning equipment sets the standard in deionizing technology for pure water cleaning.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial cleaning operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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