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Outdoor Window Cleaning

Professional Outdoor Glass & Window Cleaning Solutions & Tools

Find everything your custodial staff needs for pristine, sparkling outdoor glass and window washing. Unger's professional window cleaning tools,  include ergonomic waterfed brushes, washer sleeves and industrial window squeegees with a variety of abrasive finishes so you can optimally clean many different outdoor window and glass surfaces. Enable your custodians to clean outdoor windows efficiently with our selection of belts and carrying bags. Our HydroPower pure water window washing equipment is state of the art and comes with several options of light weight telescopic poles and handles for cleaning high windows up to 5 stories. From professional window cleaner equipment, tools, supplies and accessories, Unger has you covered.

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This pure water cleaning solution cuts glass cleaning time in half! The job is significantly easier and safer when you get started with a purpose-designed cart and choose between a Starter Kit, Professional 55' Kit, and Advanced 33' Kit. Even greater heights do not require ladders, so your staff saves time on setup. This efficient window cleaning system naturally costs less. Choose a pure waterfed cleaning solution for cleaner windows, faster!
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Traditional Window Cleaning Equipment, Tools, Kits & Supplies for Professionals

Choose from Unger's professional window cleaning tools for traditional outdoor window care and maintenance. If your windows require up-close attention, these scrapers, squeegees, and microfiber pads will keep your glass pristine. Professional holsters and belts will enable your custodians to keep tools organized. Window cleaning kits contain a variety of handheld brushes and pads for detailed work, and the ErgoTec system's ergonomic tools can reach every corner. Take your glass cleaning to a new level today!
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This efficient waterfed window cleaning system significantly cuts down cleaning time and keeps janitorial staff safe. The lightweight, user-friendly nLite system has extension poles, goosenecks, and brushes that can be easily added and removed. With a large selection of jets and brushes, the nLite system helps your custodians keep your windows and outdoor surfaces sparkling clean.
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