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Outdoor Window Cleaning

Professional Outdoor Glass & Window Cleaning Solutions & Tools 

Find everything your custodial staff needs for pristine, sparkling outdoor glass and window washing. Unger's professional window cleaning tools, include ergonomic waterfed brushes, washer sleeves and industrial window squeegees with a variety of abrasive finishes so you can optimally clean many different outdoor window and glass surfaces. Enable your custodians to clean outdoor windows efficiently with our selection of belts and carrying bags. Our HydroPower pure water window washing equipment is state of the art and comes with several options of light weight telescopic poles and handles for cleaning high windows up to 5 stories. From professional window cleaner equipment, tools, supplies and accessories, Unger has you covered.

Improve Your Exterior Window Cleaning Operations with Pure Water Cleaning

Discover the power of pure water cleaning technology by adding it into your facility cleaning operations! When combined with water fed poles and brushes, pure water cleaning delivers a faster, safer and easier end result.

Traditional exterior window cleaning once typically included the use of tap water, cleaning chemicals, a bucket of water, a ladder and a squeegee. This may seem like a simple solution to get your window cleaning needs accomplished, but it has proved to be an ineffective process when met with pure water cleaning technology. Tap water contains many microscopic impurities and debris that result in undesirable spots and streaks left on your windows. Pure water cleaning is the outdoor window washing solution that uses the advanced water purification process of reverse osmosis and deionization to remove impurities. Using pressure to force the water across a filter, the impurities are left on one side of the filter and the purified water on the other side where it’s ready for cleaning use.

In addition, pure water cleaning is safer and more environmentally friendly since it avoids the use of harsh soaps and cleaning chemicals that can create runoff. The use of a water-fed pole and brush system makes the pure water act a natural detergent and the runoff from the cleaning process doesn’t harm the plants or grass growing at the base of your building facility.

Ensure Safe Working Conditions with the Use of Telescopic Poles

As you know, OSHA standards continue to get more strict regarding the use of ladders. Unger’s line of exterior window cleaning tools not only ensures efficiency, but also aid in worker safety. Telescopic poles are extendable up to 5 stories high so workers can keep their feet on the ground for most jobs, eliminating safety risks and minimizing worker injuries from the use of ladders.

As with all of Unger’s professional cleaning tools, their outdoor window washing solutions are all ergonomically designed, lightweight and user-friendly.

Window Washing Accessories to Get the Job Done

If your windows require detailed attention, Unger’s line of scrapers, squeegees, and microfiber pads will keep your glass pristine and shining like never before. ErgoTec Glass Scrapers, complete with a lightweight ergonomic handle and protective cap for the blade, is ideal for cleaning large surfaces and scraping off paint, stickers or other unwanted debris. The EgoTech Nina Squeegees are the most advanced squeegees ever built and contain cutting-edge swivel and TriLoc safety function. The extruded Aircraft Aluminum T6 Channel is lightweight and will never bend. Cleaning Accessories like the Micro StripWasher Complete make cleaning large surfaces quick and easy by providing more cleaning power. This microfiber sleeve is able to effectively absorb fluids up to 6 times its weight!

​​Our diverse selection of window cleaning tools and cleaning solutions guarantee the perfect tool for every job.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial facility, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for All Unger Products.

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HydroPower Ultra
The pure water cleaning solution that cuts glass cleaning time in half, without chemicals and ladders! Cleaning your facilities windows is significantly easier and safer when you get started with a purpose-designed cart and choose between an Entry Kit, Professional 55' or 33' Kit, and Advanced 33' Kit. The Unger Hydropower Ultra window cleaning system keeps workers firmly on the ground while leaving windows spotless. Offered in two sizes, the systems are portable, easily transported, maintained, assembled and stored. Unlike other pure water systems, which require resin to be poured from containers into filters, the HydroPower DI Quick-Change resin bags are simple and easy to use - increasing efficiency and reducing waste. When paired with an nlite carbon pole, the HydroPower Ultra system can clean windows up to five stories high without ladders or lifts - eliminating the risk of ladder fall injuries and costly lift rentals. If you’re considering pure water window cleaning, Unger’s HydroPower Ultra is the choice for superior outdoor window cleaning. Contact Us For a Free Demo
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Traditional Window Cleaning Equipment, Tools, Kits & Supplies for Professionals

Choose from Unger's professional window cleaning tools for traditional outdoor window care and maintenance. If your windows require up-close attention, these scrapers, squeegees, and microfiber pads will keep your glass pristine. Professional holsters and belts will enable your custodians to keep tools organized. Window cleaning kits contain a variety of handheld brushes and pads for detailed work, and the ErgoTec system's ergonomic tools can reach every corner. Take your glass cleaning to a new level today!
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This efficient waterfed window cleaning system significantly cuts down cleaning time and keeps janitorial staff safe. The lightweight, user-friendly nLite system has extension poles, goosenecks, and brushes that can be easily added and removed. With a large selection of jets and brushes, the nLite system helps your custodians keep your windows and outdoor surfaces sparkling clean.
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