• Unger Excella™

Floor Cleaning

Unger Excella™ Floor Cleaning System independently verified as the fastest floor cleaning method.

The Unger Excella floor cleaning system combines dual-swivel handles and a self-guiding S-curve pole, providing a mopping system that is “self-steering”. The floor care kit system is the first one available that includes both a height adjustable pole and the ability to dispense liquid from the bottle on board. This combination of features provides dramatically faster cleaning with less strain, stress, and effort than any other mop currently available.Unger Excella™ floor care kits are suitable for use on all hard floor surfaces and for spot mopping, wet mopping, dusting and floor finishing applications. A .5L bottle, 1L bottle and 5L backpack allow you to scale your floor cleaning to match the environment.

Floor care kits options are available to fit your specific floor care needs!

  • Dual swivel handles and S-curve pole self-guide, allowing you to clean faster with less effort.
  • The only adjustable height pole with liquid dispensing increases speed and comfort.
  • Quick-Change bottles maximize efficiency and eliminate buckets.
  • Deep cleaning microfiber pads are 80% lighter than string mops.

Your custodians will keep floors cleaner and safer than ever with Unger's selection of floor cleaning supplies.

Choose from a wide selection of floor microfiber pads or string mops and find scrapers that can handle even the toughest jobs. Dual-compartment buckets and user-friendly tool organizers ensure productivity. Whether you need to attack heavy duty projects or maintain light daily cleaning, Unger has the tools for every floor cleaning job!

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