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Outdoor Window & Glass Cleaning

Cleaning Outdoor Windows and Glass

At Unger, the window cleaning industry is both where the company started and where we continue to be a world leader. Products such as the HydroPower line of pure water systems demonstrate that today, and moving forward, quality and innovation remain in our core values.

Our commercial cleaning tools, ranging from pure water cleaning and squeegees to window washing sleeves and scrapers, are ideal for delivering a faster, safer, streak-free clean. Our commercial squeegees, scrapers, and washers come with a wide variety of handles, heads, and rubber or pad selections. Discover why custodians depend on these purpose-built, user-friendly outdoor window cleaning tools for the most professional results!

Comprehensive Outdoor Window Cleaning Kits

Unger creates a wide range of outdoor window cleaning products, replacements and kits for your every need.

The Pro Window Cleaning Kit is a high-quality starter glass cleaning kit that will take your facility’s cleanliness to the next level. The selection of top-rated ergonomic cleaning supplies includes a telescopic pole, squeegee, scraper and sponges.

The HiFlo nLite HiMod 33’ Kit will become your custodian’s go-to window cleaning solution. The highest quality professional cleaning standards are even easier to achieve with this outdoor window cleaning system. Offering the perfect balance between weight and rigidity, this kit allows you to effectively get the job done with ease. The telescopic poles are lighter than conventional versions; even when the extensions are added, rigidity is never compromised.

Microfiber Tools to Power Your Facility Cleaning

Utilizing microfiber in your professional cleaning operations allows you to achieve a new level of clean, creating shinier, cleaner windows in less time and with less effort. Compared to traditional cleaning products, microfiber technology can clean up to 4X faster, allowing your custodial staff to get the job done quicker and move on to other daily cleaning tasks. Unger’s product line of microfiber glass cleaning products contains everything your janitorial staff needs to effectively clean every nook and cranny on your facility’s outdoor window and glass surfaces.

The Micro StripWasher Complete is a microfiber sleeve that absorbs up to 6x its weight. The durable scrub pad provides extra power to expertly remove baked on debris and grime. The lightweight plastic T-bar patented design features water wells for high water retention, reducing the number of bucket dips.

Ergonomic Window Cleaning

Creating high-quality professional cleaning products that keep your workers safe is the mission behind what we do. At Unger, our outdoor high access window cleaning products can reach heights of up to five stories tall while keeping workers’ feet on the ground.

As OSHA standards continue to tighten, it’s critical to assess your facility’s window cleaning measures to ensure proper adherence. With their feet planted firmly on the ground, your staff achieves a streak-free clean in a single step, with fewer OSHA liabilities.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your professional outdoor window cleaning operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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