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Stingray Window Cleaner

ISSA Award Winning Stingray Window & Glass Cleaning Kits, Tools & Supplies

Unger Stingray glass cleaning system cleans windows 25% faster and use 39% less chemicals than traditional cloth window cleaning.  The New Stingray Refillable System allows you to use your preferred glass cleaning solution while still gaining all the safety, speed and cleaning benefits Stingray provides. The New QuikPad™ provides even more flexibility, allowing you to clean without having to launder pads.

When cleaning indoor surfaces, such as windows, mirrors and elevators, cleaning professionals face two key challenges: efficiency and safety. Current tools lead to time-consuming issues, like re-arranging furniture and reaching high or unusually positioned windows. The battery powered Unger Stingray increases productivity and safety by eliminating time spent moving furniture or climbing ladders.

The Unger Stingray tool provides a variety of surface cleaning options, while the multiple lightweight extending poles enable you to clean any height without the use of ladders.

Unger Stingray Window & Glass Cleaner - Frequently Asked Questions:

How much glass can I clean with one Glass Cleaning Pad before it needs to washed?
With low to medium dirt levels, one pad can be used to clean up to 1,800 sq ft.

How many times can I wash the Glass Cleaning Pad?
Up to 200 washes at 200°F/93°C. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

How much glass can I clean with one pouch of Glass Cleaner?
With low to medium dirt levels, one glass cleaner pouch can be used to clean up to 1,600 sq ft.

How much glass cleaner should I spray?
A one second spray dispenses enough solution to clean about 10 sq ft of glass.

What surfaces can I clean with the Stingray?
Cleans and protects glass and other silica-based surfaces like uncoated granite, ceramic and porcelain. Also cleans but may not protect other surfaces such as stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, plastic, and acrylic glass.  Not for automotive, inside aquariums or eyewear use.

Can I use any brands of cleaning solution with Stingray?
We recommended using your preferred glass cleaning solution only with Stingray.

Can I use different brands of  pads with Stingray?
No. The Stingray pads are specially designed to fit and work with Stingray.

How do I store the Stingray?
Store Stingray upright. If storing the Stingray for a long period of time, remove batteries to prevent
corrosion. Do not store below 32°F/0°C. Stingray can be stored on the Unger Hang Up.

What type of batteries does the Stingray use?
2 - AA Batteries (alkaline, heavy duty or rechargeable). Included with kits.

How high can I clean with the Stingray?
You can safely reach up to 18’ from the ground without the use of ladders.

How can I get more Glass Cleaning Pads?
Contact your distributor to order refills.

I have additional questions that are not on this list.
Contact Unger Customer Service at 1-800-431-2324 or unger@ungerglobal.com

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