Stingray® Refillable System Kit 11’

Unger’s award-winning Stingray Indoor Surface Cleaning Equipment quickly cleans your indoor glass drip-free, along with your wall, desk, tabletop and plexiglass surfaces. Easily reach high access or hard to reach areas without the need for ladders or the time-delaying task of moving furniture. Whichever Stingray surface cleaning equipment you choose, the unique design will help clean windows and surfaces up to 25% faster with 39% less chemicals.

The new Stingray Refillable System allows you to use your preferred surface and indoor window cleaning solution while still gaining all the safety, speed and cleaning benefits Stingray provides.

  • Perfect tool for cleaning glass, windows and mirrors
  • Enclosed spray nozzle prevents chemicals from becoming airborne
  • Low profile head and QuikPad™ clean frames on the move, minimizing steps
  • Triangular handle and pole shape facilitates comfortable grip
  • Refillable 5 oz Bottle allows you to use your preferred cleaning solution
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Stingray® Cleaning Kit
  • Stingray® Cleaning Kit


Part # UPC # Size Color Case Qty.
Stingray® Cleaning Kit
SRKB1 761475657327 11' Black 1
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Kit Includes:

Part # UPC # Product Capacity Size
SREPL Stingray Extension Poles (2) 4' / 1.24 m
SREPS Stingray Extension Poles 2' / 0.63 m
SRADK Stingray® QuikPad™ Adapter Kit
SRBT1 Stingray® Refillable Bottle (2)
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