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Cross Contamination

How to Prevent Cross Contamination when Cleaning with SmartColor™ and Dual Bucket Technology

Every facility is unique when it comes to its footprint and cleaning protocols, which is why the Unger SmartColor™ Cleaning System is the first visual color-coding system designed to designate specific cleaning zones. This system allows facility managers and workers the ability to organize equipment and prevent cross-contamination when cleaning between work zones (example: using restroom mops in restroom areas only, not in public/food prep areas). The results are improved performance, better sanitation and cleaner facilities.

The Advantages of Color-Coded Cleaning Tools

Using an intuitive visual coding system reduces language and literacy barriers when training a diverse workforce in proper cleaning procedures. Color-coding also provides supervisors with quick visual indicators for monitoring employee activity to prevent cleaning tool and chemical misuse. Additional benefits include:

  • Prevents Cross-Contamination
    Distinct color-coding makes it easy to separate tools into their correct areas of use or cleaning task reducing bacteria cross-contamination between areas.
  • Enhances Facility Safety
    Color-coding reduces the risk of accidents arising from the misuse of cleaning equipment or disinfecting in the wrong area.
  • Simplifies Supply Management
    By keeping cleaning tools in their proper areas, SmartColor allows custodial departments to keep better track of their equipment and supplies.
  • Deters Chemical Misuse
    SmartColor reduces the transfer of harmful substances by isolating potentially hazardous cleaning and disinfecting chemicals into their appropriate areas.
  • Elevates Janitorial Staff Performance
    SmartColor enhances the professional appearance of employees and increases their efficiency by making it easy to organize the cleaning process.

How to Designate Cleaning Products for Different Zones

color coded cleaning technologyThere are two different ways to designate Unger tools with the SmartColor Coding System: 1) stickers that adhere to the product and 2) the actual product color. Unger’s line of SmartColor cleaning products includes a set of stickers used to designate the cleaning zone for each tool. Whether referencing sticker color or the actual product color, best practice is to pair the appropriate cleaning tools together (dual bucket/mop handle/microfiber mop) when cleaning as well as storage. Mismatching these tools can cause cross-contamination of soil and chemicals throughout the facility.


Color Coded Surface and Floor Cleaning Equipment

color coded cleaning padsSmartColor MicroWipe™ microfiber cloths are specifically colored to perform tasks in designated areas. Microfiber string and flat mop heads can be paired with mop handles (as well as any other Unger cleaning tools) that are also color designated to the same area.

For a complete commercial floor cleaning system, the Unger Excella™ and Unger OmniClean Restroom cleaning pads are available in only one mop color (gray), but can be designated to a cleaning zone color by removing/cutting off the undesired colored tabs on the cleaning pad.


Dual-Bucket Mop System for Floor Cleaning

Most commercial cleaning professionals are mopping with dirty water and a contaminated mop, given the traditional single bucket approach to mopping floors. This method not only leaves behind potentially dangerous germs, but also carries them to other parts of the facility. Unger’s OmniClean, the newest, groundbreaking innovation in floor cleaning, features dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty water, ensuring the charge bucket always stays clean.

A dual bucket mopping system is key to preventing contaminated water from entering the cleaning process. Combined with Unger’s SmartColor™ cleaning technology and on-board mop wringer to remove germs from the mop head, cross contamination risks are kept to a minimum between high and low-risk areas.

Cleaning Carts that Help Prevent Cross Contamination

Unger's line of cleaning carts ensures that each tool has its place. Designated storage areas help avoid mixing tools between different cleaning areas. Color-coded buckets, microfiber cleaning cloths and other tools complement the cart design, all of which minimize the risk of spreading pathogens or contaminants between different areas of the facility.

Comprehensive Product Line of SmartColor Cleaning Tools

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