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Ergonomic Toilet Cleaning Supplies for Spotless Commercial Restrooms

The bathroom can be one of the most highly trafficked areas of your facility, making the cleaning tools you choose for the job some of the most important. Unger's purpose-built toilet cleaning tools ensure the best results for your restroom cleaning jobs. Our ergonomic toilet brushes and swabs have longer, ergonomic handles for improved safety and reduced bending. Replaceable brush heads provide a 360° cleaning surface while swab heads evenly distribute cleaning products. These toilet cleaning supplies are exactly what your custodians need to deliver the deepest clean possible.

The Importance of Restroom Cleaning

Enhance your workers and patron’s safety by maintaining a clean commercial bathroom. Being diligent about routine cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing of your commercial restroom is critical for preventing the spread of germs and illness, such as influenza, viruses and MRSA. In addition to general safety considerations, maintaining a proper cleaning regimen can help prolong the life of bathroom fixtures and toilets, helping to prevent repairs and replacements.

Using restroom cleaning staples like the Ergo Toilet Bowl Handle & Brush increases worker productivity and features a 26” long hand and replaceable brush heads that provide a 360° cleaning surface. The toilet cleaner brush is made of nylon bristle heads that dry more quickly than traditional brush heads. Or you can opt for a gentler toilet cleaner brush and go for Unger’s Ergo Toilet Bowl Handle & Swab.

Ensure a Tidy Restroom for Your Patrons    

First impressions are everything; and the same rings true for the first impression of your facility restrooms. Unger’s line of professional bathroom cleaning supplies is comfortable and efficient to use. For example, the NifftyNabber Grabber makes collecting trash and debris easier than ever. This hygienic all-purpose grabber keeps hands away from debris with its 18” long handle that features an ergonomically designed grip with smooth trigger-pull action. The tool is ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas and features a 360° rotating head and magnetic tip for picking up metal objects.

A clean, spotless bathroom is critical to your commercial restroom. Get started with Unger's commercial bathroom cleaning tools today for a deeper clean than ever before!

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