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Commercial Floor Cleaning Products & Surface Cleaning Equipment

Many commercial floor cleaning products are not actually cleaning because of the outdated tools being used. There’s a better and safer way to clean your facility. At Unger, we create groundbreaking innovations in floor care, including commercial floor cleaning, floor maintenance, floor finishing and water removal solutions.

This comprehensive selection of commercial floor cleaning systems includes tools, equipment and supplies for deep, efficient cleans. Find a variety of squeegees for fast water removal and choose from lightweight microfiber damp/dry mop pads or wet string mops. Our easy-to-use commercial cleaning buckets and tool storing systems keep cleaning jobs fast and organized. Finish commercial floors quickly and easily with the Wonder Waxer and Excella Floor Finishing Kit.

We offer floor care solutions for all hard surfaces, including hardwood, vinyl, porcelain, ceramic tile and more.

The Industrial Floor Cleaning Solution that Removes Germs and Reduces Cross Contamination

Most commercial cleaning professionals are mopping with dirty water. Now more than ever, it’s important to minimize dangerous germs for a deeper level of clean. Unger’s OmniClean is the newest, groundbreaking innovation in floor cleaning, featuring dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty solution, ensuring the StayClean charge bucket always stays clean.

ISSA Award Winner Unger OmniCleanA dual bucket mopping system is key to preventing contaminated solution from entering the cleaning process. Even After the 13th wringing cycle, when using the Unger OmniClean system, solution remains cleaner than the 1st wring in a traditional single chamber bucket. The results? Unger’s OmniClean technology has been independently proven to leave your floors cleaner than when using traditional floor cleaning methods.

Unger’s SmartColor™ cleaning technology helps keep cross contamination risks to a minimum by separating tools with a color-coded system into their correct areas of use or cleaning task, reducing bacteria and cross-contamination between high and low-risk areas. Using color-coded microfiber mops results in cleaner floors and better sanitation facility-wide. Look for the SmartColor™ identification on our commercial floor cleaning products.

Increase Efficiency by Cleaning Floors Twice as Fast

Unger Excella| Winner 2016 ISSA Innovation AwardUnger's industrial floor cleaning solution increases staff efficiency and ease of use for facilities across a wide range of industries. Independently verified to clean and seal floors 2X as fast as using traditional floor cleaning tools, the Unger Excella™ floor cleaning system creates a new benchmark in speed for cleaning floors. The Excella is the only product on the market to feature a height adjustable microfiber mop pole and the ability to dispense liquid from the bottle onboard. This combination provides a significantly faster cleaning process than other mopping systems currently available.

Decrease Fatigue and Strain from Everyday Floor Cleaning & Finishing

Our unique, user-friendly floor cleaning kits feature dual-rotating handles so the mop head can quickly glide across all hard floor types. And for finishing tasks, our floor finishing kits are designed with a swiveling head so your facility’s hard-to-reach areas can be accessed with greater ease. Additionally, our microfiber mops are ergonomically designed and height-adjustable so they are versatile for each user and space. Designed with comfort in mind, Unger’s professional floor cleaning systems are comfortable enough to use frequently with a lower risk of injury, while maximizing efficiency during the cleaning process.

Preserve Floors and Surfaces for Years to Come

Your facility's clean floors deserve a supreme finish to keep them looking their best. The Excella Floor Finishing Kit delivers strong protection and long-wearing finish to your floors and hard surfaces. Its revolutionary design features dual swivel handles and S-curve self-guiding pole that allows you to finish floors faster using less effort. The Excella Floor Finishing Pads are lint-free and evenly distribute the finishing product, providing excellent coverage.

Easily Remove Water from Floors and Surfaces

Increase the ease and efficiency of water removal and debris cleanup with Unger’s innovative industrial floor cleaning solution.

Food clean up and water removal can prove to be a challenge for non-slip surfaces and grouted tile. Unger’s line of indoor and outdoor squeegees and floor brushes are designed to quickly clean hard, uneven surfaces, grout lines and tile, leaving no signs of streaks or water marks.

For heavier duty jobs, Unger creates specialized products that are designed specifically for disaster recovery and flood cleanup. The heavy-duty AquaDozer® Max floor squeegee is proven to move up to 2X more water compared to the competition, cutting costs on time and labor.

Cleaning Carts Provide an Efficient and Safe Solution for Floor Cleaning

Unger’s line of cleaning carts that include the Dual Bucket System and Telescopic Dustpan, is specifically designed to maximize productivity and achieve professional floor cleaning results. Additionally, Unger's patented Drip Tray prevents water from dripping onto the floor and maintains bucket stability even over curbs or thresholds.

Professional Floor Cleaning Use Cases & Applications

We deliver a full range of  commercial floor cleaning products and solutions to a diversified portfolio of industries. Learn more by reading the articles below: 

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Omni Clean Floor Cleaning System

Floor Cleaning Equipment for Commercial and Industrial Professionals

Unger’s comprehensive selection of floor cleaning equipment and equipment provides a deeper, more efficient way of cleaning floors across a multitude of services. Choose from a wide selection of floor microfiber pads or string mops and find scrapers that can handle even the toughest jobs. Dual-compartment buckets and user-friendly tool organizers ensure productivity. Whether you need to attack heavy duty projects or maintain light daily cleaning, Unger has the tools for every floor cleaning job! OmniClean is the only industrial mop and bucket system clinically proven to leave floors 13x cleaner than traditional methods. Unger’s SmartColor™ cleaning technology helps keep cross contamination risks to a minimum by separating tools with a color-coded system into their correct areas of use or cleaning task, reducing bacteria and cross-contamination between high and low-risk areas.
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Category Solution Floor Surface Floor Finishing Sq 1
Unger’s floor finishing products and systems provide the finishing touch for a wide array of floor surfaces, including wood, gym, and commercial floors.  From the Unger Excella™ Floor Finishing System, to individual floor finishing tools such as the Pro Bucket, Wonder Waxer, and microfiber mops,  your custodial staff can execute safe, efficient floor finishing for a variety of floor surfaces.
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Floor Surface Water Removal

Flood Clean Up & Water Removal Tools by Unger

Be prepared when disaster strikes with Unger’s line of flood and disaster recovery tools. Cleaning up water and debris as quickly as possible is key for reducing water-related damage, which makes having the right cleanup tools on hand critical. Unger’s disaster recovery cleaning tools will help get your facility back to business as usual after a disaster. With efficiency and safety top of mind, these commercial-grade cleaning products incorporate ergonomic handles and lightweight designs to help remove water and debris quickly and safely.

Find all the tools you need for efficient water removal on your facility’s floors and surfaces. Unger offers a selection of squeegees with pivoting channels for light or medium industrial applications, and WaterWands use a flush-and-rinse design to remove water easily from grouted tile or non-slip surfaces. Our color-coding system prevents cross-contamination. With these ergonomic tools, your custodians will be able to keep floors drier and cleaner than ever.

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