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Floor & Surface

Professional Floor Cleaning Equipment

This huge selection of floor care equipment and supplies contains every tool needed for deep, efficient cleans. Find a variety of squeegees for fast water removal and choose from lightweight microfiber damp/dry mop pads or wet string mops. Our easy-to-use buckets and tool storing systems keep cleaning jobs fast and organized. Get your gym and commercial floors clean quickly and easily with the Wonder Waxer. Unger's industrial floor cleaning products offer everything you need for spotless floors and indoor surfaces!

Commercial Floor Cleaner Solutions that Reduce Cross Contamination

Unger’s SmartColor™ cleaning system helps keep cross contamination risks to a minimum by isolating dirt and maximizing usage of the cleaning solution. The end result is a highly efficient floor cleaning process that makes a significant impact on disinfection and cross contamination prevention efforts. Look for the SmartColor™ identification on our floor cleaning products!

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Your custodians will keep floors cleaner and safer than ever with this selection of floor cleaning supplies. Choose from a wide selection of microfiber pad or string mops and find scrapers that can handle even the toughest jobs. Dual-compartment buckets and user-friendly tool organizers ensure productivity. Whether you need to attack heavy duty projects or maintain light daily cleaning, Unger has the tools for every floor cleaning job!
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These supplies provide the finishing touch for your floors. The Pro Bucket system contains a heavy duty bucket with spouts and measurement markings as well as a lid, casters, and sieve for wringing out washers. Our Wonder Waxer, with a swiveling head for hard-reach-areas, is perfect for use on wood, gym, and commercial floors. Find everything your custodial staff needs for safe, efficient floor finishing.
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Flood Clean Up & Water Removal Tools by Unger

Find all the tools you need for efficient water removal on all your floors and surfaces. Unger offers a selection of squeegees with pivoting channels for light or medium industrial applications, and WaterWands use a flush-and-rinse design to remove water easily from grouted tile or non-slip surfaces. Our color-coding system prevents cross-contamination. With these ergonomic tools, your custodians will be able to keep floors drier and cleaner than ever.
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