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How Well are You Cleaning Your Floors? Take this Quiz to Find Out

Having been in the commercial cleaning industry for over 50 years, we understand that there’s more than one way to clean a floor, from the traditional cotton string mop and bucket to the latest microfiber dual bucket mopping system. With all of these floor cleaning options available, the question is, how clean are you truly getting your floors, and is one floor mopping option better than another?

While your floors may look visibly clean, you might be surprised at what’s lurking in the water, dirt and germs you may be leaving behind. Understanding that there’s much more to “clean” than the floors’ visual appeal, what you do and don’t do when cleaning your floors matters, as well as what you use and don’t use to get the job done.

Take this quiz to evaluate your current floor cleaning procedures. At the end of the quiz, you’ll receive an overall score that indicates the quality of your current floor cleaning processes and actionable tips on how to increase your score and ultimately, the cleanliness of your floors.

Take the Floor Cleaning Quiz and Get Your Score!


Does Your Floor Cleaning Score Need Improvement?

If you want to improve your quality score and overall floor cleaning experience, Unger’s line of commercial floor cleaning products can help. Contact us to see how floor cleaning professionals are using the Unger OmniClean dual bucket system for a faster, safer and cleaner experience.

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