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Pure Water Window Cleaning Equipment is Not a One Solution Fits All  

The window cleaning industry is set to generate an estimated $2.3 billion in market revenue by 2028 due to the rising demand for professional window cleaning services. We’re not surprised by this statistic, because pure water cleaning equipment is the most often requested product category customers ask us to demonstrate on-site. There is a growing need for facilities and window cleaners to use less water, chemicals, and equipment, and pure water cleaning accomplishes these things.

However, there is no single Pure Water Cleaning Bundle that is suitable for everyone’s needs. The right solution is based on many factors related to the specific job at hand; that’s why we never recommend specific tools until we know more details about a customer’s situation and unique challenges.

To know the right pure water solution for your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

How Often Do You Clean Windows?

When we visit a facility to assess their window cleaning needs, the first thing we ask is “How often are you cleaning windows?” The answers typically range from twice a year to every week. If you clean windows only a couple times a year, a compact single-stack DI (deionization) System that can be stored neatly in a closet might suffice. However, for weekly maintenance, a higher capacity kit, like an RO (reverse osmosis) unit, designed for regular use, would be more suitable.

We encourage our customers to match their equipment with the frequency of cleaning, to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How Many Stories Are Your Buildings?

This one is simple: the more stories you must clean, the taller the pole and the higher capacity the water system needed. A five-story building for instance would require a three-stage DI Unit or an RO kit to ensure thorough cleaning and optimize operation costs.

Are Windows The Only Thing You Need To Clean?

This is often overlooked, and why when we conduct a facility visit for a customer, we spend just as much time looking at siding, awnings, and windowsills. If any of these three things have a lot of dirt, bird droppings, cobwebs, or other debris, then make sure you use a pure water brush that has powerful scrubbing bristles, with a flexible gooseneck to get all the hard-to-reach areas. A gooseneck is especially important for awnings, overhangs and other unique building design features.

How Much Is Your Budget For Window Cleaning? 

Budget considerations play a huge role in buying decisions! If budget is the only consideration, a single-stage DI Unit with a 30 foot pole and a flat microfiber pad, such as the nLITE PowerPad will do the job (unless you clean up five stories). And if that’s the case, then you may have to consider that, no matter what your budget is, you’ll be saving money over many years to come with a pure water kit with an initial investment this year.

Which Option is Right for You?

The evolution of the window cleaning industry, paired with the increasing emphasis on sustainability and efficiency, makes the transition to pure water window cleaning an attractive proposition for many professionals. Unger’s array of options ensures that regardless of the cleaning scenario, budget constraints, or the level of familiarity with pure water technology, there’s a solution that fits.

If the prospect of investing or upgrading seems daunting or you’re unsure which option best suits your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Unger today for expert advice on selecting the pure water cleaning option that’s right for you and take the next step towards revolutionizing your window cleaning business.

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