HydroPower® RO System

With the new HydroPower® RO, cleaning with pure water can be achieved at minimal running cost – especially in hard water areas. Your economical solution to cleaning with pure water!

  • Pure Water Mode: up to 60 gal./h (227l/h) of pure water with 58 PSI (4 bar) for spotless cleaning of windows and facades
  • BOOST Mode: 108 gal./h (409l/h) of tap water with 116-145 PSI (8-10 bar) for a strong tab waterjet on demand for prewashing heavily soiled surfaces and removing cobwebs and dirt from corners that cannot be reached with a brush
  • Easy and safe usage
  • Powerful .5 HP, high-value pump
  • Compact and robust design makes it easy to transport and maintain: 38” x 21” x 18”, 110 lbs.
  • TDS meter displays the quality of the outgoing water at the touch of a button
  • High-Quality 3-stage filtration
    • Combination of pre-filter to capture chlorine and sediments
    • Premium 30″ RO membrane to remove dissolved minerals
    • DI polisher to filter any remaining impurities
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  • RO20S and Gen 2 nLITE
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RO20S and Gen 2 nLITE
RO20S 76147662741 1
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