• SmartColor Coded Swivel Brush
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Cleaning Brushes

This selection of commercial cleaning brushes is perfect for all your cleaning and scrubbing projects. Whether cleaning outdoor windows with pure water or powering through restroom floor grime, Unger cleaning brushes are designed for the job at hand. Make each job easier with our cleaning brushes' innovative designs and high-quality materials. Angled bristles reach corners, edges, and grout lines while ergonomic handles reduce bending and over-reaching.

A Superior Floor Scrub Brush

High traffic areas are home to some of the toughest floors to clean. And with high standards in mind, and with a frequent cleaning schedule to manage, it's imperative that your cleaning crew have the cleaning tools needed to make quick and effective work of the space. You can expect Unger's floor cleaning brush options to provide optimal cleaning of corners, edges and grout lines.\

Durable Wash Brush

An all in one power cleaning brush and squeegee, Unger's sanitary brush offers a double black foam-rubber squeegee perfect for drying tiles and grout lines, while the polypropylene bristles offer an effective, but gentle floor scrubbing tool.

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SmartColor™ Swivel Brush
Unger's SmartColor™ floor scrub brush is made with durable polypropylene PET bristles for superior scrubbing action. These top-quality maintenance tools provide simple solutions for many floor cleaning tasks.
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Waterfed Window Cleaning Brushes  Reach new heights with Unger’s selection of high-quality waterfed window cleaning brushes. After selecting the ideal waterfed pole for your cleaning application, Unger has all the accessories needed to get the job done, including brushes that come in a variety of shapes and types. Depending on the cleaning application, surface quality and degree of cleaning needed, cleaning professionals can choose between different brush filter variants. The waterfed cleaning pole and brush are equipped to spray the pure water solution on your facility’s windows, delivering a new level of clean without leaving any residue behind. The cleaning pole and brush are lightweight and easy to maneuver so your cleaning professionals can scrub hard-to-reach areas with ease. The bristles in the waterfed window cleaning brushes are all lightweight, solvent-resistant and durable, making them effective in removing even the most stubborn dirt and grime.
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