• SmartColor MicroWipe

Fixture Cleaning

Keep restroom fixtures sparkling with these commercial restroom cleaning supplies. Our variety of squeegees removes water quickly and efficiently from flat surfaces. For hand cleaning, use either the MicroWipe or the SmartColor Washer that uses a microfiber sleeve and T-bar to absorb up to 6 times its own weight for quick liquid pickup. The Sprayer on a Belt lets custodians work quickly, optimally supporting the sprayer's weight.

Microfiber Cloths for Bathroom Cleaning

Effortlessly remove more dirt and grime with the help of Unger’s line of microfiber cloths, perfect for professional bathroom cleaning. Getting into the nooks and crevices of sinks and bathroom fixtures can pose a challenge, but microfiber cloths allow you to get into even the hardest to reach areas.

The MicroWipe 200 UltraLight effectively reduces surface debris while lowering bacteria levels by over 96%. Given the unique construction of microfiber, the cloth easily removes mold, bacteria and soil. For heavy duty cleaning needs, Unger recommends the MicroWipe 4000 Heavy Duty. This microfiber cloth is constructed of the highest quality textile and designed for facilities that clean in multiple shifts, seven days a week.

The use of microfiber cleaning products is also considered an eco-friendly choice. The US Green Building Council even specifies microfiber products as part of their standards because they are proven to reduce water consumption, decrease the use of disposable products and require fewer harsh chemicals.

Commercial Squeegees Designed for Bathroom Cleaning

Unger’s line of bathroom squeegees for walls and floors makes professional cleaning simple and easy. Unger’s Ergo Wall Squeegee is a white, non-marking tool that contains moss rubber, making it ideal for quickly drying grout lines. The ergonomic handle creates a comfortable grip, so workers can efficiently clean. The handles effortlessly attach to the ErgoTelePole (EP24R) or ErgoPole (HH13R), making it a versatile tool for any cleaning task.

The ErgoTec Squeegee Complete also contains an ergonomic, two-component handle with a textured thumb plate designed for easy adjustment and channel change, ideal for cleaning restroom mirrors and other smooth surfaces.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial bathroom cleaning operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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