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Spring Cleaning

Unger has everything you need to Spring Clean your facility. Our diverse selection of window cleaning and maintenance tools guarantee the perfect clean, every time.

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No matter the job, Unger has a line of indoor glass cleaning tools designed to maximize efficiency without sacrificing performance.
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At Unger, the window cleaning industry is both where the company started and where we continue to be a world leader. Products such as the HydroPower line of pure water systems demonstrate that today, and moving forward, quality and innovation remain core values of Unger.
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Category Solution Litter Removal Sq 1
These tools make litter removal jobs easy. The NiftyNabber's lightweight aluminum shaft, designed to decrease fatigue, helps custodians stay comfortable and healthy. Use the People's Paper Picker for effective waste removal, easily picking up litter such as paper, cans, and plastic cups with its strong metal pin. Our NiftyNabber bagger collapses and locks for compact shipping and easy storage. Your litter removal work will get done faster and more productively with Unger grabbers and reachers!
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