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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning for Facilities

Make cleanliness a priority at your facility! Spring is a great time to focus on your facility cleaning and maintenance with Unger’s line of high-quality commercial tools. Unger has all the facility cleaning and maintenance tools you need to expertly Spring Clean your facility. Our diverse selection of window cleaning and maintenance tools guarantee the perfect clean, every time.

Completing a thorough deep clean of your facility comes with a number of benefits, including improved air quality, customer satisfaction and proper equipment maintenance. Maintenance includes cleaning and disinfecting to keep both employees and customers safe and healthy.

The Importance of Facility Cleaning & Maintenance for Your Customers

If your janitorial team has a specific “problem area” that needs to be addressed, including tall windows, hard-to-reach ceiling rafters, cobwebs and more, during your spring cleaning efforts, we’ve got the right tool! When it comes to your facility, providing a clean, safe appearance is critical for customer satisfaction and repeat business. And, first impressions are everything when it comes to the customer experience.

Even a mild winter can prove damaging to the outside of your building; this makes spring cleaning an essential time to clean any weathered outdoor areas. Keeping your outdoor windows clean and streak-free gives your shoppers a clear picture of your commitment to cleanliness and hygiene. You can count on Unger's selection of professional outdoor glass cleaning tools to deliver the streak-free shine to indoor and outdoor windows.

Clean and finish floors in half the time with Unger’s variety of Excella Floor Cleaning Kits. These kits are complete with a microfiber mopping system that contain deep cleaning microfiber pads that are 80% lighter than string mops. Rubber coated non-slip, dual swivel handles and S-curve pole self-guide, allowing you to clean faster with less effort

Facility Equipment Maintenance

Are there overlooked areas in your facility that need to be addressed? Unger creates industrial cleaning tools specifically designed to reach into hard-to-access areas. The accumulation of dust and dirt particles can cause a build-up to form that can be harmful to your facility’s equipment, resulting in a decreased equipment lifespan and operational efficiency. To keep your machines in top performance, regular facility maintenance and cleaning must be performed. Repairs, breakdowns and replacements are costly; by consistently managing your facility cleaning efforts, you will save time and money and avoid any business disruptions.   

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your commercial cleaning operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products that are designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level. Happy spring cleaning!

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Commercial Indoor Window Cleaning Solutions

Do your facility’s windows and glass frequently have streaks, debris, smudges and traces of lint? If so, you may not be using the proper window cleaning equipment to get the job done right. Find everything your window cleaning staff needs for pristine, sparkling indoor glass and window cleaning with Unger’s professional cleaning solutions. No matter the job, Unger has a line of indoor glass cleaning tools designed to maximize efficiency without sacrificing performance.
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Cleaning Outdoor Windows and Glass

At Unger, the window cleaning industry is both where the company started and where we continue to be a world leader. Products such as the HydroPower line of pure water systems demonstrate that today, and moving forward, quality and innovation remain in our core values. Our commercial cleaning tools, ranging from pure water cleaning and squeegees to window washing sleeves and scrapers, are ideal for delivering a faster, safer, streak-free clean. Our commercial squeegees, scrapers, and washers come with a wide variety of handles, heads, and rubber or pad selections. Discover why custodians depend on these purpose-built, user-friendly outdoor window cleaning tools for the most professional results!
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These tools make litter removal jobs easy. The NiftyNabber's lightweight aluminum shaft, designed to decrease fatigue, helps custodians stay comfortable and healthy. Use the People's Paper Picker for effective waste removal, easily picking up litter such as paper, cans, and plastic cups with its strong metal pin. Our NiftyNabber bagger collapses and locks for compact shipping and easy storage. Your litter removal work will get done faster and more productively with Unger grabbers and reachers!
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