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For the retail and grocery industry, cleanliness has a direct impact on customer loyalty and with customers having increasingly more choices as to where to shop, it’s critical to make a lasting first impression that encourages repeat business within this competitive market. For grocery stores, cleanliness is a shopper’s number 2 reason (having high quality produce is number one) for determining their choice of a primary supermarket.

Providing the best quality in-store experience goes beyond the products and services you offer, to include the cleanliness of the shopper’s environment. The shopping environment you provide ultimately influences the buyer’s decision as to whether or not to make you a weekly part of their lives. Unger understands the importance of maintaining a clean, healthy environment for your business and we’re dedicated to providing you with commercial cleaning solutions that offer a faster, safer and greener way of cleaning so that your customers keep coming back.


Entrance and Floors

Your entrance is the face of your business and creates the first impression for the shopping experience yet to come. To the buyer, a neat and clean outside reflects the quality of food and products carried inside, and it should be your goal to have a cohesive standard of cleanliness both inside and out.

Without proper attention, the sidewalks and parking lots that your patrons use pose a liability risk as they embark on their shopping experience. Engineered to move up to twice as much debris and materials as competing models, Unger’s AquaDozer industrial floor squeegee  lets your staff easily address snow, trash or other debris that can impact your patrons’ ability to safely access your store.

Once inside, maintaining floor safety is critical to preventing slip and fall accidents to shoppers and staff.  For facilities where food or produce is dropped, liquids are spilled, refrigeration cases leak and a host of other substances make their way to the floor, Unger’s color-coded microfiber mops and dual bucket systems provide a swifter, higher level of clean.

Microfiber has proven to be a more productive solution than traditional cotton-based mopping systems that can leave behind unseen bacteria and debris. While you’re reducing the amount of contaminants that can be tracked between different areas of your facility and preventing risk to shopper safety, you’re also showing your commitment to keeping your facility clean, from the ground up.

Shelves, Displays and Lighting

If you’ve invested in providing shoppers with quality goods, they need to be presented in the best possible environment for merchandising.  When a shopper is evaluating goods to purchase, the cleanliness of the shelves and displays will give them an immediate impression as to the quality of the goods on display. The cleaner the display, the more likely you are to move the product.

Unger provides a diverse selection of tools to assist your staff with dusting and high access cleaning so staff can work safely and quickly without the use of lifts and ladders. Our color-coded line of microfiber cloths and ergonomically designed Sprayer on a Belt work to instantly cleanse display surfaces of dust, germs, food particles and other contagions that can impact the shopper’s experience. The use of microfiber cloths also requires fewer harsh chemicals, which not only lessens the overall environmental impact of cleaning, but it reduces the possibility of food contamination in a grocery store.

For those hard to reach shelves and displays, our array of dusters, brushes and pads, combined with our ultra-light weight telescopic poles, allows your staff to easily reach challenging areas. By making high access cleaning easier and safer, your staff can more frequently perform tasks that go a long way in reflecting a polished presentation to buyers and preventing dust particles from damaging your product’s ability to make a positive first impression.

Unger’s Stingray window cleaning kit provides your staff with an efficient way of cleaning glass shelving, display cases, mirrors and indoor windows. The Stingray window cleaner cuts cleaning time by 25% and chemical use by a full 39%, ensuring more efficient janitorial staff and a healthier shopping environment.

Combined with the Stingray’s extendable pole, your staff won’t have to waste time moving merchandise or displays to access hard to reach mirrors or windows. Not only do they save significant time in executing the job, with their feet planted firmly on the ground they maintain a higher level of safety. If your windows and mirrors aren’t at a height that require a telescoping pole, Unger also offers hand-held models that deliver the same streak-free clean that gives your shoppers a clear view of your commitment to clean.

Lighting maintenance needs are met with Unger’s line of bulb changers designed for safe, precision light bulb replacement. With the products’ insulated designs and long pole handles, custodial staff stays safely away from the heat without the use of dangerous ladders and lifts. Change a variety of lightbulb sizes quickly and easily with Unger’s high access light bulb changing supplies.

Food Preparation and Handling Areas

Food preparation and handling areas such as butcher shops, meat rooms, delis, seafood departments and bakeries, are critical to continually disinfect and degrease in order to reduce cross contamination hazards and meet health code requirements.

To minimize the risk of floor related injuries to your staff and customers, Unger offers its cutting edge microfiber mop system. With a wider spread than traditional mop heads, our mops allow workers to clean a larger area, faster and more efficiently. The ability to quickly address debris and spills can make or break the productivity of your food preparation staff and ultimately, the experience of your shoppers.

Our color coded mops, when combined with our dual bucket floor washing system, leaves floors cleaner and safer by isolating dirt and maximizing usage of the cleaning solution. By color coding your mops for each cleaning zone in your store, you can better prevent cross contamination and implement a highly efficient cleaning process.

For maintaining pristine food preparation surfaces, Unger’s food service cleaning tools include high heat grill squeegees and double-sided scrapers. Complemented by our extendable poles, staff can hand clean kitchen hoods and perform high access cleaning to insure the food preparation areas adhere to the highest cleaning and safety regulations. With a clean foundation in place, you’ve set the stage to produce a cleaner final food product for your patrons and minimize the risk of food contamination that can cause illness and cripple your reputation.


Restroom Cleaning

Restrooms within retail and grocery stores require frequent spot cleaning given the amount of traffic they receive throughout the day, but the floors specifically need a deeper level of clean to keep soil from spreading to other areas of your facility. To accomplish this task quickly and to prevent cross-contamination, custodians can rely on Unger’s Pro Restroom Cleaning Kit.

The long hours that grocers and retail locations are open to the public mean that your staff need to execute on swift restroom cleaning that delivers the highest and safest level of clean.

As part of the SmartColor line of cleaning equipment, Unger’s SmartColor™ Dual Bucket system greatly reduces the risk of re-contamination of your clean surfaces, leaving a cleaner floor behind, both seen and unseen.

Outdoor Window & Grounds Cleaning

Keeping your outdoor windows clean and streak-free gives your shoppers a clear picture of your commitment to providing them with the best possible shopping experience.

The HydroPower pure water cleaning system deionizes your local water source for spotless, one step outdoor window washing that is eco-friendly and chemical free.  Our HiFlo nLite water fed extension poles are lightweight and flexible, providing a perfect clean up to 5 stories high. Their extreme ease of use means you can eliminate outsourcing window cleaning while passing new 2018 OSHA requirements on ladder and lift safety.

When litter is a problem on your sidewalks, in your parking lots or other public areas, Unger's line of litter removal tools help cleaning staff safely and efficiently retrieve objects high and low. The lightweight aluminum shaft of our NiftyNabber designed to decrease fatigue, helps staff stay comfortable by minimizing strain and ultimately reducing the risk of injury. Ergonomic handles and lightweight design combine to help keep your grounds spotless, staff healthy.

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Unger goes beyond the obvious, innovating to bring your store the cutting edge in commercial cleaning solutions. Whether it’s our avid insistence on avoiding contamination with our color-coded systems, or our award-winning window cleaning equipment, Unger brings you a swift, safe and green way of cleaning.

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