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Compare the cost of cleaning restrooms with Unger’s RestroomRx Cleaning Specialist System vs. traditional tools.

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Annual Savings
  • $99999.00
  • $99999.00
  • $99999.00
  • Labor Savings
  • Chemical Savings
  • Water Savings (Gallons)
Weekly Savings
Traditional Tools Unger RestroomRx Savings
Labor Savings $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Chemical Savings $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Water Savings (Gallons) 0.0 gal. 0.0 gal. 0.0 gal.
Estimates Based on the Following Data
3.0MinutesRestroom Specialist office building during training - ea. Fixture
1.5MinutesRestroom Specialist office building after training - ea. Fixture
70%Water conservation of RestroomRx Floor Mopping System vs. conventional method
2oz.Chemical dilution per gallon of water
1000sq. ft.Coverage for conventional mop/bucket per 6 gal. of cleaning solution
26sq. ft.Average size of restroom per fixture
Data from the ISSA 612 Cleaning Times. Chemical dilution and square footage are estimates only.
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