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Microfiber Mops

Unger Microfiber Mops for Superior Cleaning

Keep floors cleaner and safer than ever with Unger's selection of floor cleaning tools. Choose from a wide selection of microfiber cleaning mops including flat mops, pads, and string mops that can handle even the toughest jobs. To get the most out of a microfiber mop, begin by outlining the space to be cleaned. Then starting in the corner furthest from the exit, walk backwards creating an overlapping "S" motion with the mop. Adjusting the height of the mop to the individual user is important to avoid strain and maintain proper form. A comprehensive flat mop system makes a significant difference in  your facility's health and your floor's appearance. Studies demonstrate that flat mop systems, especially when used with microfiber mop heads, optimize efficiency, enhance floor safety and provide savings in labor and materials.

MM40 Series 1

A Professional Flat Mop for Light to Medium Duty Cleaning

This selection of microfiber flat mops is perfect for light to medium duty applications. Our low moisture, high absorbency flat mop is suitable for marble, linoleum, wood, and vinyl floors with streak-free results. Unger uses the highest quality microfiber for durable, professional quality products. Find supplies to organize your flat mops and mop pads for an efficient cleaning process. Help your custodial staff keep floors spotless with Unger flat microfiber mops.
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SmartColor™ RoughMop String Mops Heavy Duty

Professional Grade Microfiber String Mops

Choose from a variety of microfiber string mops. Each of these professional-grade tools offers a different level of durability and absorbency and is designed for a different level of dirt removal. All of Unger's mops are constructed from the highest grade microfiber, with ergonomic handles designed for your worker's needs. Our heavy duty mop holder is perfect for storing supplies. Your custodial team will get floors cleaner than ever with Unger microfiber mops
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