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Floor Squeegee

Heavy Duty Rubber Squeegees

When it comes time to professionally clean your facility’s floors, are your traditional cleaning tools up for the task? Unger’s selection of rubber squeegees offers a variety of sizes and styles, designed to efficiently remove large amounts of liquid and debris from any hard floor surface, including tile, concrete, asphalt and stone surfaces.

Whatever the size of your cleaning project, you'll find the right industrial squeegee for the job that will help your custodians and cleaning professionals work faster, safer, and more productively. With both curved and straight squeegees available, your professionals will always have the right tool for thoroughly cleaning floors.

These ergonomic water removal tools allow your custodians to keep floors drier and cleaner than ever. The rubber blades allow professionals to easily glide along the surface of your floor; and depending on your cleaning need, they can be used for managing both even and uneven surfaces. Curved squeegees are expertly made for moving large collections of liquids and debris.

PushPull Floor Squeegees

Our commercial pushpull floor squeegees are ideal for light to medium-duty industrial cleaning applications and work especially well for smooth-coated concrete floors. The squeegee frame is made of lightweight, high-grade industrial aluminum with a pivoting channel and rust-resistant plated steel handle socket. The rubber floor squeegee is constructed of hard SBR tan rubber.

WaterWand Floor Squeegees

Our SmartFit™ WaterWand™ Heavy Duty large floor squeegee removes water easily from uneven floor surfaces, such as grouted tile, or non-slip and broadcast grid floors with a double black foam-rubber blade. The large rubber floor squeegee’s easy flush-and-rinse design reduces harmful bacteria buildup so you’re always operating with a clean tool and helps dries floors quickly after water removal.

The WaterWand Acme Insert converts the floor squeegee from tapered to an ACME compatible socket for use with either type of handle. Combined with the extra strong frame and industrial galvanized steel, this squeegee is effective at handling even the toughest floor and surface cleaning jobs.

Brush Floor Squeegees

For lighter jobs, our general purpose brush floor squeegees are an acid-resistant, non-corroding squeegee and brush in one. The combination brush floor squeegees are excellent for tackling floor cleaning jobs as the brush loosens dirt and grime, the squeegee helps removes the dirt and liquid from the floor, leaving the surface clean and dry. The double black foam-rubber squeegee is perfect for drying tiles and grout lines while the polypropylene bristles offer effective scrubbing while being gentle on floors, making it ideal as a bathroom floor squeegee and kitchen floor squeegee. The soft rubber squeegee blades conform to even the most uneven floor surfaces, leaving the area dry while the brush scrubs the floor for any remaining debris.

AquaDozer® Max Large Floor Squeegee

This multi-use, heavy-duty floor cleaning tool excels in even the most challenging environments and is effective for removing water, snow slush, manufacturing and food processing waste, construction debris and more and works best on smooth surfaces. Compared to the competition, this large floor squeegee moves up to 2x more waste with less effort thanks to its unique curved rubber blade and pro aluminum handle. Its durable steel body maximizes cleaning performance and makes it a reliable floor tool to use in the most challenging environments.

Every job is different and comes with its own set of unique challenges. Unger’s selection of AquaDozer squeegees ensure every cleaning requirement is met and include:

  • AquaDozer Max is efficient for cleaning smooth surfaces like asphalt and concrete. The squeegee contains a durable steel body for tough demands including food cleanup. Use the Pro Aluminum (Part number AL14T) handle with the AquaDozer Max.
  • AquaDozer Heavy Duty is ideal for challenging cleaning jobs that require moving large volumes of water, mud and debris. Made with black EPDM rubber and constructed with a 14-gauge powder-coated steel frame and reinforced with zinc alloy, this cleaning tool is reliable and built to last. Use this floor tool with the Pro Aluminum handle (Part number AL14T).
  • AquaDozer Eco floor squeegee is an efficient tool for quick and easy removal of water and debris. The AquaDozer has a 14-gauge galvanized steel frame with black EPDM rubber, standing up to the most challenging cleaning jobs.

The AquaDozer is part of Unger’s line of disaster recovery cleaning tools designed to help get your facility back to business as usual after a disaster.

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