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Window Cleaning Buckets

Professional Window Cleaning Buckets

The right cleaning supply bucket is essential for holding water and cleaning solutions, allowing you to clean faster and easier. Durable and hardy, these supply buckets will stand the test of time and are designed for long-term use. The metal handles allow workers to transport the supply bucket comfortably with ease.

For the past 50 years, Unger has created window cleaning tools that professionals trust to clean and maintain facilities across the globe. You can count on Unger for all of your professional window cleaning needs, from tool selection to expert storage and easy part replacements.

Making Window Cleaning Operations More Efficient

A window cleaning bucket is an essential product for your custodian’s arsenal of professional cleaning supplies. Unger’s Bucket with Sieve is a lightweight product made of heavy-duty plastic and metal that features a sieve for washers and squeegees. Holding up to 4.5 gallons and 14” washers, this product is designed for professional use.

Unger’s ProBucket is ideal for any window cleaning operation, with its large, stable footprint and rounded pour spouts. Measuring units are imprinted inside the bucket so workers can easily measure the amount of cleaning solution needed. Choose our lightweight, easy to handle window cleaning bucket with a sieve combination for hand window washing.

Designed for Unger Washers and Squeegees

The ProBucket and Bucket with Sieve are created to easily fit Unger’s window tools, making them an essential component in your window cleaning kit. The window cleaning bucket features a bright green color, so it is easily visible and helpful in avoiding unnecessary accidents in the workplace.

Ergonomically Built for Custodian Safety

Unger is dedicated to building safe and comfortable commercial window cleaning products that are designed for extended, professional use, including our selection of window cleaning buckets. If workers are performing a job that causes the body stress, their musculoskeletal system may be affected, leading to chronic issues and injury down the road. The ergonomically designed and lightweight handles allow workers to safely transport the supply bucket without the worry of discomfort. Ergonomically designed handles put the users’ wrists in a neutral position to mitigate strain and fatigue, allowing them to work more safely.

If safety and efficiency are priorities in your professional window cleaning operations, explore our portfolio of professional cleaning products designed to take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

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