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Compact Janitorial Carts

Unger's Compact Janitor Cart Focuses on Efficiency, Cleanliness & Safety

Not enough room for a full-sized cart? No problem! Unger’s Compact Janitor Carts include our award-winning line of OmniClean mop carts, a completely re-engineered floor cleaning system.  Given all the on-board features, the OmniClean mopping system still affords all the advantages of a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-maneuver floor cleaning solution.

Featuring a dual bucket system, OmniClean removes more than 90% of the dirt and germs from the floor, isolating contaminants in the dirty bucket and allowing you to use clean solution from the second bucket, leaving your floors cleaner than ever before.

The OmniClean floor mopping system includes the following advanced design features:

  • Dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty solution.
  • A powerful scrub board to remove dirt, grime, and germs from the microfiber mop pad; and
  • A horizontal wringer to remove any remaining debris from the mop pad.

With Unger OmniClean, the clean solution chamber stays soil free 13x longer than single chamber buckets, allowing you to clean 13x more area before changing solution.

Meet All Your Cleaning Needs

Unger OmniClean is available in three kit configurations to suit your environment and cleaning needs, all offering easy maneuverability and cleaning accessories at your fingertips:

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